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Intellectual Property
Jackson Walker adds value to intellectual property

Jackson Walker has assembled an experienced group of attorneys to help clients obtain, protect and enforce intellectual property rights in the United States and abroad, as well as maximize intellectual property through various business transactions. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to emerging companies to universities to individuals. More specifically, the firm's IP attorneys regularly counsel clients about patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets; practice before government agencies to secure those rights; render patentability and patent, trademark, and copyright infringement opinions; litigate to protect intellectual property; handle arbitration, mediation, and other litigation alternatives; and negotiate licenses, joint ventures, divestitures and similar business transactions to maximize the value of such property.

The skills and backgrounds of Jackson Walker's intellectual property attorneys are particularly well suited to aid clients in this practice area. Many of the firm's IP attorneys hold degrees in engineering or applied science and are licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Canadian Patent Office. Their technical expertise is balanced with considerable litigation and business experience.

Putting into place the mechanisms to maximize an entity's intellectual property rights is no longer enough in the high-stakes IP environment of today's market. Because of the valuable nature of these rights, an entity must be vigilant throughout the life of the intellectual property, in policing and enforcing the rights against others. Jackson Walker's IP litigators are experienced in intellectual property disputes, including all aspects of patent, trademark, trade secret, and copyright cases in federal courts, state courts, ITC actions, arbitrations and mediations, representing both the intellectual property owner and the accused infringer.

An invaluable tool for many intellectual property owners, particularly those with large IP portfolios, is an audit of its intellectual property assets. We conduct IP audits to help our clients develop the most cost effective strategy for commercializing their intellectual property, guide research and development efforts to focus on core competencies and technology, maximize return on investment, and minimize unwanted, unproductive legal disputes.

The following is a summary of our IP practice areas. Please follow the links at the top of the page to learn more about a particular practice area, including technology fields, lines of commerce, clients, cases and attorneys with experience in an area:

Technical Expertise
Jackson Walker's Intellectual Property attorneys have a range of experience and expertise in fields ranging from mechanical engineering to biotechnology. These attorneys are a crucial part of every litigation team we assemble for our clients, and they continually offer their specialized knowledge for all litigation matters.
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Winning an IP case is the product of experience and the execution of a skillful, balanced strategy. Jackson Walker's team of IP attorneys and trial lawyers have litigated all types of intellectual property matters in federal and state courts across the United States, from California to Virginia, and from Illinois to Texas. JW has successfully represented numerous corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, in infringement lawsuits involving trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, patents, and copyrights. Our experience includes successful appeals to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Our IP trial lawyers have also enforced and defended our clients' intellectual property rights in arbitrations, alternative dispute forums, and proceedings before the International Trade Commission.

Attorneys in the IP Section work with inventors and companies to file and to prosecute patent applications to protect their inventions, both domestically and abroad. Working closely with attorneys in Jackson Walker's venture capital and tax disciplines, the IP attorneys draft and coordinate various transfers of technological assets for commercial development and marketing. This includes negotiations with foreign entities, multiple party transfers of technology, and protection of the assets through patents in various foreign countries.

The most valuable assets of a company are often its trademarks. For both established and developing companies, Jackson Walker attorneys evaluate potential trademarks and existing trademark and trade name rights, and procure trademark registrations in the U.S. and abroad. The firm's attorneys routinely transfer and license trademark rights, and also enforce trademark rights through U.S. Customs' registration, negotiation, or litigation.

In addition to trademarks, our IP attorneys litigate trade name and unfair competition matters, as well as product counterfeiting matters.

Jackson Walker attorneys provide a broad range of copyright services, including the acquisition of certificates of copyright registration for such items as books, jewelry, musical compositions, recordings, plays, artistic creations, and computer software. The firm's IP attorneys counsel and assist clients in transferring interests in copyrighted works and represent them in copyright infringement cases, ranging from computer software, to ornamental designs, to architectural works.

The firm regularly represents both franchises and franchisees. We counsel franchisors regarding disclosure requirements, creating disclosure documents, obtaining registrations in states which require them and assisting in the negotiations with prospective franchisees. Our IP attorneys also are active in franchise litigation.

Trade Secrets
Jackson Walker's IP attorneys work closely with their clients to create programs to identify, protect, and promote assets which are not protected by issued patents, trademarks, or copyrights. Valuable information not to be disclosed to the public is often protected as a trade secret. Jackson Walker IP attorneys counsel clients on how to identify such information and to police its protection through secrecy programs, confidentiality agreements and seminars. We also assist our clients in transferring trade secret technology and protecting it through negotiations and litigation.

Internet, eCommerce and Computer Law
Computer, communications, and multimedia technology raise a host of legal issues for our clients, both those who develop such technology and those who use it. The firm's IP attorneys counsel developers regarding the best methods for protecting their intellectual property, be it patent, copyright or trade secret. They negotiate and draft, on behalf of both vendors and users, software licensing, telecommunications, program development, systems acquisition, and similar agreements. Jackson Walker's IP attorneys also regularly represent the firm's clients in prosecuting or defending litigation involving claims of software copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and computer product failure.

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