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What You Need To Know

Companies of all types and sizes are continuing to deal with the potential legal implications of Coronavirus for their businesses.

This page contains insights and resources from Jackson Walker attorneys, as well as outside resources and links that may be helpful to your organization. For guidance specific to your business, contact a Jackson Walker attorney.

The webinar and resources on this page do not constitute legal or medical advice.

Frequent Questions

During this rapidly evolving situation, companies find themselves faced with the need to develop policies surrounding the illness. In our regularly-updated FAQ, we discuss some frequent questions from businesses on topics including healthcare, labor & employment, travel, business continuity, contracts, insurance, and corporate finance.


Daily Updates

Jackson Walker’s COVID-19 & Your Business newsletter features insights and resources on the Coronavirus, its impact on business in Texas and nationwide, and evolving legislative and regulatory developments.


Keeping the Doors Open: Managing Workplace Medical and Legal Risks in the Pre-Vaccine Era (July 10)

Join JW attorneys and Lockton Companies’ Chief Medical Officer as they discuss the legal baselines for returning to work, strategies for assessing and managing the risk of infection, and best practices for responding to workplace exposures in the pre-vaccine era.

COVID-19: Returning to Work Webinar (May 1)

After weeks of sheltering in place, many state and local economies are beginning the process of returning to work. Join JW attorneys as they discuss the relaxation of shelter-in-place orders and what that means for worker safety concerns when businesses begin to re-open.

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Explore related practice areas and contact a Jackson Walker attorney for more information on how we can help companies of all sizes navigate today’s complex legal landscape.

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While Jackson Walker does not maintain or update the information from these outside resources, it may be helpful to your business.

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