Diversity & Inclusion at Jackson Walker

Diversity & Inclusion At Jackson Walker


“As the largest law firm in Texas, it’s incumbent upon us to lead the way on diversity and inclusion. We’ve heard it said that diversity is a fact, inclusion is an act, and belonging is an outcome. We are dedicated to creating an environment where each one of us feels like we belong at Jackson Walker.”

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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a reflection of our core values.

Underrepresented Racial & Ethnic
Attorneys & Business Professionals

Others (Staff and Research Attorneys)
All Attorneys
All Business Professionals

Attorneys & Business Professionals

Others (Staff and Research Attorneys)
All Attorneys
All Business Professionals
0 %
of the Management Committee are Underrepresented Talent
0 %
of the Compensation Committee are Underrepresented Talent

Statistics as of December 31, 2023

Fostering a Culture Where Everyone Belongs

Our Lawyer Resource Groups promote diversity, cultural awareness, and an inclusive work environment.
We asked the leaders of the LRGs to talk about diversity, inclusion, and belonging at Jackson Walker.

“I feel I belong when I can bring my whole self to work. I feel I belong when I can be authentic at work. I feel I belong when I feel respected for my authenticity at work. I feel I belong when it is clear that everyone is respected.”

— Courtney White
Research Attorney, Dallas
Chair, Black LRG

“Belonging means there's a place for you here because of your accomplishments, your efforts and your continued contributions, and not because of where you're from, how you look, who you love, or how closely you conform to a subjective standard.”

— JOE GUajardo
Partner, Dallas

“I believe JW has made positive progress in the last year, especially with the implementation of our Lawyer Resource Groups. I'm really excited about the First Generation LRG as it will provide an opportunity for all attorneys who are the first in their family to connect and find ways to support one another.”

— Sang Shin
Partner, Houston
Chair, First generation LRG

“Belonging means having the comfort in engaging in open, honest, and respectful discussions with those who may or may not share the same opinion, and feeling accepted and acknowledged that those opinions are important and contribute to bettering the community.”

— Shari Mao
Partner, San Antonio
Chair, Asian LRG

“I believe JW has made a great effort to recruit a diverse group of attorneys and staff. I also believe JW has created spaces where people can share their experiences and perspectives in an open format.”

— Michael Drab
Associate, Houston
Chair, Abilities LRG

“Belonging means feeling comfortable enough with your peers, surrounding, and work environment to be yourself without fear of judgment or prejudice.”

— Javier Gonzalez
Associate, Houston
Chair, Hispanic LRG

“Our mentoring program, both at the partner and associate level, aims to make sure that our female attorneys are provided all of the opportunity and support that they need to advance to that next level in their careers.”

PARTNER, dallas
Chair, jw2 (jACKSON wALKER wOMEN)

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Our Committee

From the top down, we express how significant diversity and inclusion are for the Firm through commitment, communication, and action. To ensure our entire practice promotes equality for all, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, comprising both attorneys and staff, directs diversity-related goals and collaborates on best practices for implementing initiatives.

JW Standing in Solidarity

Racism, bigotry, and hate have no place in our society. Jackson Walker stands united with our colleagues, clients, and community partners in the fight to end systemic racism and social injustice. We believe that inequitable treatment of our fellow human beings is unacceptable. As one of the oldest law firms in Texas, our response demands that we listen, learn, and work for equality. Jackson Walker condemns and denounces all acts of racism and prejudice. We stand in solidarity and can only progress in unity.