Julia Mann Featured in “San Antonio Business Journal”

May 4, 2016 | Mentions

Jackson Walker partner Julia W. Mann was featured in an April 29, 2016 San Antonio Business Journal article titled, “Local Litigators Talk Trends, Strategies,” where three high-profile women attorneys were asked questions about the industry, the challenges that they face and their strategies in the field.

When asked about hot topics in the legal industry and how the political climate might be affecting the issues, Julia said, “First, I would point to increased government regulation. This dovetails into the current presidential race, as the candidates have very divergent views of the proper role of the federal government, and will likely implement changes requiring adaptation and compliance. The creation of new regulations can also lead to potential liability risks for companies.”

She also commented on the challenges that women litigators face and how she would describe her argument-mediating style.

“As a woman, in particular, there is a fine line between advocacy and aggression. Women are generally perceived as being more emotional in their approach, which can be defined negatively. I disagree. I believe women litigators can be more passionate, bringing the ability to empathize with our clients and commit to their business goals to reach a favorable result,” Ms. Mann said.

When it comes to her mediating style, Julia said, “Whether it is a dispute with a customer, a supplier, an employee or even their own business partner, it is important to keep the focus on substantive issues. I strive to be concise and authoritative in my approach.”

Julia is a partner in the Litigation section of Jackson Walker. She represents a wide range of clients in civil litigation, arbitration and appeals. A significant portion of Julia’s practice focuses on the oil and gas industry. Such experience includes; representation of landowners in suits for lease termination, recovery of royalties and establishment of title. She has represented oil and gas operators in disputes with joint business partners as well as service providers and working interest owners. These cases involved claims of breach of confidentiality agreement, tortious interference, and fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, promissory estoppel and negligent misrepresentation. Her experience includes cases to South Texas such as defending an independent petroleum engineering company in litigation regarding the ownership of a mineral estate involving a land grant made by the Government of Spain in 1767.

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