Mark Miller Joins SABJ List of 2016 Outstanding Lawyers

August 29, 2016 | Attorney News

jackson-walker-attorney-thumb-MillerMark“Mark Miller was happily working in the Brazilian oil fields when he applies to law school, he says, mostly to put off his parents and not intending  to go. Nevertheless, he was irritated when his application was rejected, apparently because it had been so many years since he took the LSAT that his results were no longer in the system. That prompted him to fight to get accepted. And then he had to go. Later, while in his final semester at St. Mary’s law school, he was hired by a patent lawyer as a clerk, largely because he was a chemist who could potentially take the patent exam. He’s been in patent law ever since, and today, he’s here with us.”

About Mark

For more than 30 years, Mark Miller has fielded and defended dozens of intellectual property and franchise suits, primarily in federal district court, but also in state district court and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board for all types of industries including oil and gas, healthcare, information technology, resort industry, automotive, restaurants, and retail.

Mark helps U.S. businesses obtain trademark registrations and protect their trademark rights in foreign countries including Canada, Mexico, European Economic Community, Latin America, Asia, Africa and elsewhere.  He has negotiated dozens of agreements for development licensing, assignment, purchase or sale of intellectual property in numerous industries, including software, restaurant, oil, and manufacturing.   

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Mark H. Miller
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