In today’s world, the people of an organization are its most important asset. In order to care for this critical resource, employers must provide a benefits and compensation package that is competitive in the marketplace, is aligned with the interests of the organization, and does not constitute a source of unnecessary risk or cost to the organization due to compliance issues.

Our benefits and executive compensation attorneys collaborate with clients of all sizes in a variety of different industries to design and develop benefit programs and incentive compensation arrangements that meet these key goals, while also navigating the complex regulatory and tax laws that impact these arrangements. Once programs are in place, we provide on-going counsel and support to ensure they are administered prudently and to address any compliance issues which may arise.

Our attorneys support organizations and other attorneys in situations where benefits and compensation issues are a priority and the skill, experience, and knowledge to handle those issues is a necessity. These circumstances include handling benefit issues that arise in corporate transactions, representing clients in ERISA litigation, supporting a client in an IRS or DOL audit relating to employee benefit plans, or advising public pension plans that are solely in the business of providing and administering retirement benefits for public employees.

Our attorneys also advise individual employees in connection with evaluating and negotiating compensation and incentive packages offered by their employer and mitigating any adverse tax consequences or risks.

Whatever the need or circumstance, our benefits and executive compensation attorneys strive to provide creative and cost-efficient solutions to best protect, manage, and retain our clients’ number one asset: their people.

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Associate, Austin

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Partner, Austin

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Partner, Dallas

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Associate, Austin
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Our employee benefits and executive compensation experience includes a variety of different compensation and benefit arrangements, as well as specialized areas practice. These areas of service include:

  • Executive and Incentive Compensation
  • Retirement Plans
  • Public Pension Plans
  • Health, Welfare and Fringe Benefit Plans/ACA Compliance
  • Fiduciary Counsel and Governance
  • ERISA Litigation
  • ERISA Merger and Acquisition Support
  • Section 409A Compliance and Deferred Compensation
  • Plan Correction and IRS & DOL Audits