Avoiding discrimination and harassment claims requires three equally important actions. First, the employer must institute proper policies and procedures. Second, they must give proper training on these policies and procedures. Third, the employer should assess whether the policies and procedures are consistently followed. Our experienced employment attorneys assist employers in meeting all three of these claim-preventative objectives.

We also ensure clients are in the best position possible to defend potential claims that could arise from honest miscommunication or mistakes, as opposed to poor practices. When actual conflict has occurred or potential conflict could occur, our attorneys provide real-time practical advice to guide an employer on how to approach employee issues with the goal of resolving them through appropriate investigation of the complaint and interaction with employees.

Sometimes, despite an employer’s best efforts, employees resort to filing a complaint with an administrative agency or a court. Regardless of the forum, we draw on our depth of courtroom experience to present the facts and law supporting our client’s conduct and the business reasons for its actions.

Alicia R. Duleba

Partner, Austin

Marilyn Brown

Partner, Austin

W. Gary Fowler

Partner, Dallas

Judy Bennett Garner

Associate, Dallas

Richard G. Garza

Partner, San Antonio

Sara K. Harris

Associate, Dallas

Jon Mark Hogg

Partner, San Angelo

Gary L. Ingram

Partner, Fort Worth

John A. Koepke

Partner, Dallas

Jay K. Rutherford

Partner, Fort Worth

Ashley Scheer

Senior Counsel, Dallas

David Schlottman

Associate, Dallas

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Partner, Houston

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Partner, Houston

Jessica R. Lara

Staff Attorney, Houston
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TAL-YL Editorial Board Publishes its First Editorial on Sexual Harassment in the Legal Industry

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Labor & Employment Dispatch: October 2018

  • Counseling, dispute resolution, and litigation assistance in all forms of discrimination claims including age, disability, gender, race, sex discrimination, and sexual harassment claims
  • Defense of Title VII, ADEA, ADA, Equal Pay Act claims, as well as other federal, state, and local discrimination statute claims
  • Develop tailored strategies to minimize the risk of discrimination claims
  • Design workplace anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and procedures
  • Assist in coordinating internal investigations of harassment and discrimination claims
  • Workplace training
  • Risk analysis of ongoing employment issues