Jackson Walker counsels television stations, networks, producers, production companies, and talent on their day-to-day legal matters, as well as litigation. Our attorneys have come to understand the complexities of the broadcast, cable, satellite, and internet industries to better serve and protect the rights of our television clients. Of note for local broadcasters and other news outlets is the fact that our attorneys were integral to the preparation and passage of The Texas Free Flow of Information Act, which creates a qualified privilege for journalists against the compelled disclosure of confidential news sources and non-published work product.

Representative clients include:

  • Actors, television personalities, directors, and writers
  • Television news groups and journalists
  • Television networks
  • Television producers and production companies
  • Broadcast television stations and station groups
  • Cable television companies

Samuel S. Allen

Partner, San Angelo

Stacy Allen

Partner, Austin

Thad H. Armstrong

Partner, Houston

Charles L. Babcock

Partner, Houston

Jennifer A. Bryant

Senior Counsel, Houston

Carl C. Butzer

Partner, Dallas

Lenora DuBose

Partner, Austin

Jeffrey R. Harder

Partner, Houston

Robert P. Latham

Partner, Dallas

Wayne F. Malecha

Partner, Dallas

Taylor McDowell

Associate, Austin

Mark H. Miller

Partner, San Antonio

Brian K. Prewitt

Partner, Austin

Kate L. Young

Associate, Austin
  • Production counsel for independent television productions, including scripted and reality television series
  • Preparation and negotiation of various television industry agreements between stations, networks, talent, producers, advertisers, financiers, and municipalities
  • Counseling broadcasters about compliance with the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission
  • Counseling cable companies about compliance with cable franchise agreements
  • Patent prosecution of new television industry technologies
  • Pre-publication review of television programs and news reports
  • Litigation involving television rights issues
  • First Amendment defense of television stations, networks, and on-air talent
  • Responding to subpoenas demanding access to the confidential news sources and non-public work product of broadcast journalists and news outlets