Jackson Walker has significant experience representing and counseling clients on the various laws affecting the video game industry, such as copyright, trademark, right of publicity, patent, and the First Amendment. From traditional gaming consoles through online and mobile app platforms, our attorneys have worked with clients on proactive strategies when their software and distribution platforms and technologies develop faster than the law, a scenario that often leaves companies confused and exposed to potential liability.

Representative clients include:

  • Video game developers
  • Video game publishers
  • Video game retailers

Samuel S. Allen

Partner, San Angelo

Stacy Allen

Partner, Austin

Thad H. Armstrong

Partner, Houston

Charles L. Babcock

Partner, Houston

Jennifer A. Bryant

Senior Counsel, Houston

Carl C. Butzer

Partner, Dallas

Lenora DuBose

Partner, Austin

Jeffrey R. Harder

Partner, Houston

Robert P. Latham

Partner, Dallas

Wayne F. Malecha

Partner, Dallas

Taylor McDowell

Associate, Austin

Mark H. Miller

Partner, San Antonio

Kate L. Young

Associate, Austin
  • Acquisition and clearance of content rights for video games
  • Preparation and negotiation of video game licensing and publishing agreements
  • Patent prosecution for new electronic gaming technologies
  • Litigation involving video game rights
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