Industrial warehouse space is one of the most lucrative asset types in the commercial real estate landscape. In a world where commerce grows at a rate of 15% every year, industrial development and leasing is at an all-time high. Clients involved in the acquisition, leasing, or disposition of warehouse space need efficient lawyers who can handle deals quickly and cost-effectively.

Tenants need industrial warehouse real estate attorneys who ensure the tenant has flexibility to use the space to its highest advantage. In turn, landlords need assurance they have an appropriate tenant mix, compatible business uses, and effective remedies to eliminate troublesome tenants. Our real estate attorneys are well-versed in the day-to-day needs of industrial tenants and landlords. We work to ensure their needs are met and interests are protected.

We have specific industrial warehouse experience as well as the advantage of a broad commercial real estate practice that boasts exceptional land use and environmental attorneys. Our warehouse real estate attorneys can represent owners, operators, or tenants through any challenges they may face in the acquisition, development, leasing, operation, and disposition of industrial warehouse space.

Andrew L. Baumgardner

Partner, San Antonio

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Associate, Dallas

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Partner, Austin

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Partner, Fort Worth

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Partner, Dallas

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Associate, Fort Worth

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Partner, Houston

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Partner, Austin
  • Site acquisition and due diligence
  • Equipment ownership, access, installation and removal rights
  • Expansion, contraction, and modular flexibility
  • User and rental service agreements
  • Options to extend and terminate
  • Indemnities, waivers, and warranties
  • Audits
  • Environmental/hazardous materials protections
  • Parking lot use and restrictions
  • Maintenance and repair obligations
  • Use, noise, odor, and storage restrictions
  • Structural protections for racking systems, cranes, roof, and slab penetrations
  • Operating expenses, exclusions from operating expenses, and audit rights
  • Sublease and assignment restrictions and exemptions