Jackson Walker 2021 Labor & Employment Symposium

View the 2021 Jackson Walker Labor & Employment Symposium videos and receive CLE, CPE, HRCI, SHRM and Ethics credits.

Religious Accommodations, AI in Employment Law, and Mental Health Parity Audits (Session 2)

Scott McElhaney and John Koepke, along with Rory Akers from Lockton Dunning Benefits, discuss:
  • For employers who have a work rule or requirement, including a mandatory vaccine policy, “Religious Accommodations – Vaccines and More” covers relevant laws that prohibit discrimination and what an employer’s legal duties are when assessing a request for a religious accommodation or an exemption.
  • “Fyre Festival, Lucifer, AI and ER” covers best practices for using social media influencers for promotions; the desire of employees to work from home—and what they are willing to surrender in exchange; EEOC concerns regarding the use of artificial intelligence to vet prospective employees; and data privacy.
  • “The DOL Is Serious About Mental Health Parity Audits: It Wants A Lot, It Wants It From You, And It Wants It Now” covers what employers need to know about the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and how to ensure compliance.

Sexual Harassment Investigations and State and Local Law Update (Session 3)

Sarah Mitchell Montgomery and Sara Harris discuss topics, including:
  • “Investigations Into Sexual Harassment Allegations” covers the aftermath of #MeToo, including expanded harassment laws in Texas and other states, and best practices for sexual harassment investigations.
  • “State and Local Law Update” covers recent changes to employment law, including expanded sexual harassment protections, clarified and expanded protections for state military members, a new human trafficking prevention law for hotel employers, medical marijuana, and COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

Remote Work, Handling Leaves of Absence, and Vaccination Incentive Programs (Session 4)

Michael Drab and Jackie Staple, along with Ed Fensholt from Lockton Dunning Benefits, discuss topics, including:
  • “Remote Work: Risks and Best Practices” covers challenges and risks related to remote work, setting up and terminating a telework agreement, and best practices for managing wage and hour risks.
  • “Handling Leaves of Absence” covers various considerations for when an employee requests a leave of absence and the Biden administration’s proposed national paid leave plan.
  • “Vaccination Incentives Under Wellness Programs: How Far Can You Go? (Pretty Far…Except Maybe In Texas?)” covers the use of a wellness program to incentivize COVID-19 vaccinations and best practices for a vaccinated status wellness program.

New Sexual Harassment Laws in Texas (Session 5)

Jamila Brinson and Michelle Mishoe Miller present “Enhanced Sexual Harassment Laws in Texas: Are You Prepared?”, covering significant changes to Texas sexual harassment laws, ethical considerations for employers, and best practices for creating a more inclusive workplace.