Project Management

Ask. Listen. Innovate.

We recognize that predictability and cost control are critical to our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine our client-as-partner philosophy, project management skills, technological prowess, and legal acumen to our clients’ advantage. Working closely with our clients, we maximize value by providing a framework for managing costs to assist clients in their budget process and by aligning costs with strategies so that clients can make informed decisions regarding the risk and cost-benefit of different legal options. Alternative fee arrangements may also be incorporated where appropriate to maximize value and predictability for the client.

Effective project management requires rigorous upfront planning.

We have staff trained in Legal Project Management, including an individual who is a certified Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute, a nonprofit professional association founded in 1969. We scope complex matters and develop a plan with an agreed-upon schedule that will meet the client’s operational, financial, and strategic goals. By bringing together the right team and planning ahead to meet our clients’ needs for certainty while still remaining flexible enough to help the client navigate emerging risks, opportunities, and changes in scope we are able to streamline workflow and the delivery of legal services, thus improving client outcomes and value.

Project management can be particularly effective for litigation matters. We plot out the course of the case, including alternative contingencies. In close communication with the client, we consider the impact and timing of different decisions and directions, noting what needs to be done at each juncture and the costs associated with each step. This approach allows our lawyers and clients to work together to develop the strategy for the case in terms of actions, budget, and risk/reward determinations.

Technology plays a significant role in project management. At Jackson Walker, we regularly use in-house innovation to leverage technological solutions for the benefit of our clients. Using advanced technological capabilities within the Firm and through third-party vendors, we can better share information with clients, communicate quickly and effectively, increase collaboration and productivity, and minimize costs, all of which enhances the client experience and involvement.

Our Solutions

Workflow and Project Management Solutions – Using strategies evaluated to best serve the particular client and matter, we are able to streamline the delivery of legal services which in turn boosts efficiency, reduces cost, and improves client outcomes. Alternative fee arrangements can be incorporated into project management solutions. By pricing projects accurately and competitively, we are able to successfully manage those projects to completion on budget and on schedule.

Staffing and Team Management – We regularly employ goal-oriented staffing plans and alternative staffing models to facilitate workflow and provide cost-efficient support for process-intensive legal engagements. We staff to the case or matter and are known for our efficient, yet effective staffing practices.

Client-Centric Applications – Our document management application is compatible with systems used by many of our clients. This allows us to upload documents directly to the client’s database to provide them with a complete and up-to-date file without additional staff on their side to maintain it. Our mobile computing systems ensure our attorneys are never more than an email away. All our offices are equipped with sophisticated video conference capabilities, allowing us to conduct meetings, depositions, witness preparation, and other traditional face-to-face tasks without the added expense of travel costs. Dynamic document templates increase efficiency and accuracy in the creation of routine documents.

Engagement Analytics – One example of our innovative methods is development of extensive data analytic tools to monitor and review matter performance, including creation of an in-house designed experience database, MatterIQ, which brings information pertinent to a matter–including staffing, costs, and results–into a single, searchable database. This historical archive of detailed information allows attorneys to plan with greater confidence and price new engagements with increased predictability. Using MatterIQ and other analytical tools at our disposal, we can identify personnel with precisely the right skills for a particular engagement, adjust staffing mixes, evaluate strategy options, and explore various pricing approaches based on past experiences. This information resource also allows us to develop more flexible and creative alternative fee arrangements and other project management approaches. At the close of each matter, we actively solicit the client’s feedback about our performance and their satisfaction with the value we have delivered and include that information in MatterIQ for future reference.

Data Management and eDiscovery – We have in-house technology specialists with vast experience in eDiscovery. Our data management and eDiscovery capabilities allow us to efficiently manage documents internally. We also have the experience needed to work with clients who have their own eDiscovery teams, whether they need discovery managers, litigation support, or simply a seamless exchange of information and protocols.

Third-Party Relationships – By establishing partnerships with vendors, law firms are able to test new industry possibilities such as artificial intelligence at a relatively low cost.