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Personality, culture, and human values are cornerstones of Jackson Walker’s identity. That shows in the way people treat, respect, and help each other—staff and lawyers alike—and how they enjoy an atmosphere different from that of other firms.

The Firm’s culture and commitment to excellence have been major factors in its economic success. That is why we are always seeking talented lateral attorneys who enhance the Firm’s personality, diversity, culture, and focus on human values.

How to Apply

For lateral associate recruiting, contact: Lateral Associate Recruiting

For lateral partner recruiting, contact: Lateral Partner Recruiting

Search Firms – All candidates must be submitted through a blind submission to the contact listed above.

As a Partner of JW, You Will Find:

  • Jackson Walker is entrepreneurial and has a system that encourages and rewards partners who deliver leverage and contribute to the growth and success of their practices and the Firm as a whole.
  • Our compensation system is not formulaic and takes subjective factors into account. It is merit-based according to contributions, with no lockstep system and no seniority system.
  • Our practice is not limited to Texas, but rather is national and international in scope. Because we choose to keep our offices in Texas, we benefit from lower overhead costs compared to firms that are equal in size or larger. This affords us the opportunity to offer clients more flexibility in rates and assures value to clients while still maintaining profitable margins.

Key Facts About Jackson Walker

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~500 Attorneys
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17 Chambers - 2023
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Attorney Breakdown by Practice

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“It’s difficult to move your practice after many years at one place, but Jackson Walker did everything they could to make my transition as easy as possible. Other firms hire lateral partners and put them in an office and don’t really show them how to do anything. At Jackson Walker, everyone from lawyers to staff bent over backwards to be helpful and make my move easier. All lawyers are busy, but JW lawyers have really taken time away to help. I give the lateral integration program at Jackson Walker an A+!”

Richard Waggoner, Partner, Dallas

“Changing law firms as a mid-level associate is never easy, but the entire team at Jackson Walker—from office managing partner to support staff—could not have been more helpful and supportive during my transition. Not only did they keep an open line of communications during conflict checks, but they also provided the perfect environment for a soft landing on day one. Everyone has been extremely welcoming, approachable, and friendly. Jackson Walker is all about the team, and you can really feel it every single day!”

Manny Schoenhuber, Associate, Houston