We are a firm where personality, culture and human values are a cornerstone of the firm’s identity. That shows in the way people treat, respect and help each other —staff and lawyers alike— and how they enjoy an atmosphere different from that of other firms. The firm’s culture and commitment to excellence have been major factors in its economic success. That is why we are always seeking talented lateral attorneys.

Key facts about Jackson Walker:

  • We’re the fifth-largest firm in Texas with nearly 380 attorneys.
  • We’re more balanced than any other large firm in Texas, with approximately 128 attorneys in Dallas, 106 in Austin, 90 in Houston, 34 in San Antonio, 18 in Fort Worth, and two small offices in San Angelo and Texarkana. We have a substantial presence in the major markets in Texas as the largest firm in Austin, 5th in size in Dallas, 5th in San Antonio, and 12th and 13th in Fort Worth and Houston, respectively.
  • The firm is very entrepreneurial and has a system that encourages and rewards partners who deliver leverage and contribute to the growth and success of their practices and the firm.
  • JW’s compensation system is not formulaic and takes subjective factors into account, but it is merit-based according to contributions, with no lockstep system and no seniority system.
  • Our practice is not limited to Texas, but rather is national and international in scope. However, with offices only in Texas, we have the benefit of a much lower overhead cost than national firms. That affords more flexibility in rates and assures better value to clients while maintaining very attractive margins of profitability.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about a lateral associate opportunity, please submit your application to Meghan Miller.  For information on lateral partner opportunities, please contact Bridgette Stahlman.