IP Litigation Insider—September 2009

September 11, 2009 | Newsletters

Top Ten Patent Cases

By Tom Adolph

I offer the following list of the Top Ten Patent Cases. Any top ten list is a matter of opinion and subject to constant argument. Also, any top ten list tends to be weighted toward more current events, and this list is no exception. No doubt, you will disagree with one or more selections. Let the arguments begin!

Quick-Start Guide for Contacting Social Networking Sites About Copyright Issues

By Carl Butzer and Jeremy Brown

Even John McCain, a self-admitted late-adopter of new technology, has recognized the public’s prolific use of “social media” and “user-generated content” websites. These sites have improved collaboration, reunited lost friends, and even provided an easy way to send Grandma a video of junior’s first steps. But an obvious consequence of this activity has been an increase in complaints of copyright infringement about materials posted on these sites.

Revisiting the Top Ten Restaurants in the E.D. of Texas

By John Jackson

Judging from both the quantity and enthusiasm of the feedback to my Top Ten Restaurants article, my decision to take a hiatus from writing about substantive patent litigation issues was well received. In fact, after going back through the dozens of e-mails I received commenting on the list, it soon became apparent that I had enough material to prepare a follow-up piece and could further postpone any articles dealing with substantive patent law.

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