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May 30, 2008 | Newsletters

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Stacy Allen Speaks: In Defense of Free Expression and Bad Music

As I wandered among the throngs crowding Sixth Street during this year’s South-by-Southwest film and music festival in Austin, I was struck by the extraordinary creativity which is the product of our American (and uniquely Texan) experiment in free expression.

Paul Watler’s Podcast: On-Line Campus Gossip

A university campus has always been the place for a free exchange of ideas. Students find their voice and share their theory of how the world should be. A darker side of campus free speech has now emerged on the Internet.

Bob Latham Reporting: Why the Wild Cards Win

Our roving media attorney writes a monthly column (republished here by permission) for SportsTravel magazine. This month’s topic: Why the Wild Cards Win — Winning is a habit, which is why lesser teams who get hot at the right time can go all the way.

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