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July 31, 2008 | Newsletters

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Chip Babcock Communiqué: Free Speech and Baseball

All our stuff may be made in China, the help desk may have been outsourced overseas, and the Euro may be outpacing the dollar, but there are two things that nobody in the world does better than we do: Free speech and baseball.

Paul Watler’s Podcast: The Perfect Pitch: The First Amendment

When the perfect fastball comes over the plate, it leaves nothing but air and slack-jawed wonder in its wake. The pitch is too powerful to swing at, too fast to even bring the bat around. In the courthouse, that perfect pitch is the First Amendment.

Bob Latham Reporting: Deconstructing Le Tour

Our roving media attorney writes a monthly column (republished here by permission) for SportsTravel magazine. This month’s topic: Deconstructing Le Tour — Strategies for watching the world’s most famous bicycle race in person.

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