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December 31, 2008 | Newsletters

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Stacy Allen Speaks: Right of Publicity for Business Entities

Do corporations and other business entities have a “right of publicity” in their corporate “persona?” Originally viewed as an extension of the right of privacy, the right of publicity has developed into a free-standing property interest in the commercial value of one’s identity.

Bob Latham Reporting: The Second Time Around

Our roving media attorney writes a monthly column (republished here by permission) for SportsTravel magazine. This month’s topic: The Second Time Around — The senior tennis tour offers players a chance to extend their relationship with the fans.

Newsworthy: The Dancing Baby Wins: Copyright Owners Must First Consider Fair Use Before Sending DMCA Takedown Notice

By Jeremy Brown | Copyright holders are aware, or should be, that the DMCA allows them to issue a takedown notice to a website.

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