Amanda Van Deusen Reflects on Leadership and Commitment with the Houston Association of Professional Landmen

March 15, 2024 | Mentions

In her farewell article as an outgoing Officer of the Houston Association of Professional Landmen (HAPL), Amanda L. Van Deusen, CPL, reflects on her decade-long journey of dedicated service, commitment, and personal development.

Amanda recalls the accomplishments, friendships, and invaluable experiences she garnered through unwavering dedication to the organization. Stepping down from her role, Amanda shares insights on the importance of making commitments, setting goals, and fostering a vibrant community within HAPL.

In the article, Amanda states, “Having a more active role and position with HAPL, will not only contribute to our growth, thereby impacting our industry and community, but will help you also develop deeper connections, more valuable education and resources, and enhance your professional skills. Remember, making a commitment requires dedication, effort, and perseverance. Remain committed to your role and position within HAPL, even when faced with challenges or hardships, as that is when it can be the most rewarding.”

Amanda has written numerous other articles on behalf of HAPL, including “Strong Roots, Many Branches,” “Professionalism, Advancement & Service by Female Landmen,” “Promoting the Land Profession with the Three C’s,” “The Power of the HAPL Community,” and “Embrace the Change with HAPL.”

Having served as a member of HAPL since 2008, Amanda currently holds the positions of Immediate Past-President and Government Affairs Chairman until June 30, 2024. In her role as Immediate Past-President, Amanda advises the current President, holds multiple Committee positions for HAPL’s social and awards events, and is responsible for chairing the Outstanding Senior Landman of the Year award for HAPL. In her role as the HAPL Government Affairs Chair, Amanda is tasked with coordinating and managing meetings for the Texas Alliance of Landman Associations (TxALA), a membership association comprised of all local landman associations throughout Texas. TxALA plays a vital role in supporting the legislative and regulatory agenda of the oil and gas industry.

During her term as President of HAPL (2022-2023), HAPL was also rewarded with the Local Association of the Year and Largest Percentage of AAPL Members from the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), among four other member awards.

On Tuesday, April 23, 2024, Amanda is set to serve her seventh year as Chairman of the nationwide 55th Annual HAPL Technical Workshop and Webinar at the ExxonMobil Campus in The Woodlands, Texas. Jackson Walker partner Peter E. Hosey is scheduled to speak on the topic “MINE: ALL MINE? Texas Ownership of Produced Water and its Constituent Parts (Lithium).”

To read the full article, visit “The Success of HAPL Depends on Your Commitment.”

Meet Amanda

Based in Houston, Amanda L. Van Deusen is a Certified Professional Landman and title analyst with experience in acquisition due diligence and energy finance projects with upstream and midstream asset evaluation, as well as real estate transactions. Her practice focuses on title examination, reserve evaluation in energy finance transactions, contract and lien analysis, and document preparation for clients across the energy, real estate, and renewable energy industries.

Outside of her practice, Amanda is a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), the Women’s Energy Network (WEN), and Real Life Texas Ministries in Tomball, TX. Since 2016, she has also served on the HAPL’s Board of Directors. She has held positions as Immediate Past President and Government Affairs Chairman (2023-2024), President (2022-2023), 1st Vice President (2021-2022), 2nd Vice President (2020-2021), Chairman of HAPL Monthly Luncheons (2020-2021), 3rd Vice President (2019-2020), Chairman of the Newsletter & Website Oversight Committee (2019-2020), and Treasurer (2018-2019). Amanda previously served as a Director on the HAPL Board of Directors (2016-2018).

Amanda was awarded the AAPL Special Award (Education) in June 2018 and again in June 2021 for her continued service as Committee Chairman of the HAPL Technical Workshop. Amanda was also presented with the HAPL “Above and Beyond” Award in 2015, given to the HAPL member who, over the past year, has contributed above and beyond what was expected in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

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