Master & Special Loan Servicing

The strength of our real estate finance practice is reflected not only in our ability to close new loans, but to also assist our clients in their loan servicing needs, regardless of where we are in the real estate cycle. We represent all manner of clients with servicing needs, including institutional lenders servicing their own portfolios and CMBS Master and Special Servicers. We understand the importance of getting up to speed promptly to retake control of valuable assets, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Having lived through the 2008 and prior crashes, we understand what it takes to maximize value on a distressed asset. Sometimes we creatively approach the guaranty non-recourse carve-outs, but we always focus on the details–whether that’s an unauthorized oil and gas lease, cell-tower lease, change in property management or control, that, while practically innocuous, can cause serious implications under the loan documents and potential recovery rights for a lender.

  • CMBS master and special servicer representation
  • Restructurings, workouts, foreclosures, and receiverships
  • Guaranty Enforcement
  • Motions to Lift Stay & Other Lender Strategies in Borrower Bankruptcies
  • Full and Limited Loan assumptions
  • Defeasance
  • Maintenance and disposition of REO property
  • Third Party Vendor Engagement (Appraisal, Phase I, PCR, Title, Lien Searches)
  • Broker Listing Agreements (Sale and Leasing)
  • Property Management Agreements
  • Pooling and servicing agreements
  • Intercreditor and other participation agreements
  • REMIC tax issues

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