Staffing, Independent Contractors, & Contingent Workers

Non-traditional staffing has become an important aspect of corporate strategy. Companies today demand an adaptable workforce—one that enables them to minimize costs and maximize productivity by hiring workers on a project basis rather than onboarding full-time employees. At Jackson Walker, we understand the importance of these arrangements for employers, as well as the risks.

Our lawyers regularly counsel businesses of all sizes regarding independent contractors and other part-time, temporary, seasonal, and leased workers. Armed with the knowledge of how federal and state laws define these employment concepts and how those crucial differences get interpreted by courts and enforcement agencies, we partner with our clients to help them develop best practices to maximize productivity and profitability, while minimizing the risk of both audits and litigation.

Our seasoned litigators defend our clients in litigation involving alleged independent contractor misclassification, joint employer status, and other compliance issues that arise. When appropriate, we help our clients reach sensible resolutions to these disputes outside the courtroom. Our attorneys also draft and revise contracts and agreements associated with contingent workers, such as independent-contractor and master-service agreements.

Whatever the issue, our team brings the benefit of decades of insight, knowledge, and practical experience to help companies understand, evaluate, and minimize the potential issues and risks associated with using a contingent workforce in today’s ultra-competitive global market.

  • Draft contracts with staffing agencies, PEOs, and other non-employee providers
  • Advise on Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Provide staffing advice and guidance
  • Perform internal audits to ensure proper classification and compliance
  • Recordkeeping advice
  • Provide counsel regarding compliance and misclassification issues
  • Advise on independent contractor hiring and best practices
  • Draft independent contractor agreements
  • Defend against government audits
  • Perform risk analysis of staffing relationships
  • Defend against Fair Labor Standards Act litigation

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