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Companies of all types and sizes are continuing to deal with the potential legal implications of Coronavirus for their businesses.

This page contains insights and resources from Jackson Walker attorneys, as well as outside resources and links that may be helpful to your organization. This page will be updated regularly with additional resources as the situation develops. For guidance specific to your business, contact a Jackson Walker attorney.

The webinar and resources on this page do not constitute legal or medical advice.

Insights & Resources

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During this rapidly evolving situation, companies find themselves faced with the need to develop policies surrounding the illness. In our regularly-updated FAQ, we discuss some frequent questions from businesses on topics including healthcare, labor & employment, travel, business continuity, contracts, insurance, and corporate finance.

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Jackson Walker’s COVID-19 & Your Business newsletter features insights and resources on the Coronavirus, its impact on business in Texas and nationwide, and evolving legislative and regulatory developments.

 JW Fast Takes Podcasts & Webinars

On our Jackson Walker Fast Takes podcasts and webinars, we’re talking to Jackson Walker attorneys on emerging topics related to COVID-19.


Bankruptcy | Length: 7:59 | June 4

Bankruptcy | Length: 7:53 | May 28

Litigation | Length: 7:25 | May 21

Healthcare | Length: 3:17 | May 18

Labor & Employment | Length: 6:06 | May 13

JW Fast Takes Webinars

CARES Act: Tax Relief and Incentives for Businesses and Employers
20 minute pre-recorded webinar (April 7)

Join Ashley Withers for this pre-recorded webinar as she discusses tax relief and incentives for businesses and employers.

CARES Act: Tax Relief and Incentives for Individuals
12 minute pre-recorded webinar (April 7)

Join Ashley Withers for this pre-recorded webinar as she discusses tax relief and incentives for individuals.

CARES Act: Health Plan, Student Loans, & Employee Retention
20 minute pre-recorded webinar (April 3)

Greta Cowart discusses testing, preventive care, health plan changes, student loan relief, and the employee retention tax credit.

CARES Act: Retirement Plan Tools & Relief
20 minute pre-recorded webinar (April 3)

Join Greta Cowart for information on Coronavirus distributions and loans, pension funding relief, relief for required minimum distributions, and updated guidance on obtaining credits for new leaves under the FFCRA.


COVID-19: Returning to Work Webinar (May 1)
After weeks of sheltering in place, many state and local economies are beginning the process of returning to work. Join JW attorneys as they discuss the relaxation of shelter-in-place orders and what that means for worker safety concerns when businesses begin to re-open.
Telemedicine & COVID-19: What You Need To Know (April 1)

JW Healthcare partners Jeff Drummond, Virginia Mimmack, and Lockton Companies’ Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shealynn Buck discuss how telemedicine is emerging as a powerful tool in fighting COVID-19. Find out what you need to know about the relaxation of certain laws related to licensing, reimbursement, and privacy in an effort to increase access to care and to slow the virus.

COVID-19 & Your Business: Families First Coronavirus Response Act (March 20)

Join JW attorneys for a webinar discussing key provisions of the FFCRA impacting employers, including the creation of the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act and the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act as well as the acts related to employee benefits, amendments to other federal laws, and the tools provided to individuals and employers to help ride out the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. RECENT DOL GUIDANCE STATES THAT THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THE ACT IS APRIL 1. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY REFERENCES IN THE ORAL PRESENTATION OF THE WEBINAR TO APRIL 2 SHOULD BE TO APRIL 1.

Coronavirus, Your Business, & What You Need To Know (March 5)

Join Jackson Walker attorneys Judy Garner (Labor & Employment), Virginia Mimmack (Healthcare), Katherine Staton (Litigation – Aviation), and Shannon Teicher (Cybersecurity & Technology) as they discuss what you need to know and provide recommendations for navigating potential legal and healthcare issues in order to protect your business and employees.

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