COVID-19 & Your Business: Frequent Questions

What business continuity concerns should I consider with regard to an outbreak of COVID-19 in my community?

In areas where COVID-19 becomes prevalent, it is likely either that employees will request the opportunity to work from home, that businesses themselves will make the decision to close temporarily, or that local authorities could require businesses to close for a period of time. As a result, business continuity plans are critical. Many businesses are in the process of reviewing their plans to assess whether it adequately addresses the legal, business, and practical issues in the event of a voluntary or mandatory closure of business facilities.

For businesses that can be operated with employees working remotely, it is important to consider the adequacy of not only technical capabilities (e.g., adequate computer, monitor, internet for home set-ups), but also continued information security (e.g., adequate security tokens if most workers suddenly operated remotely). Businesses should work closely with their IT professionals to consider both practical preparations and risk assessment for potential data breaches.

Businesses should also reach out to their vendors and suppliers to assess their preparedness and planning. If a critical vendor or supplier is not adequately prepared, steps should be taken to mitigate risk of loss. Before suspending or terminating a relationship based on force majeure or other concerns, please consult legal counsel.

Last updated March 16

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