Copyright Infringement

July 30, 2014 | Insights

This paper addresses practical aspects of a typical copyright infringement case, a deceptively simple subject. Plaintiff introduces its copyright registration into evidence, and proves defendant copied too much of the registered work and monetary relief numbers. Fullstop. In practice, however, a copyright case is like a jigsaw puzzle, the omission of any piece being fatal.


I. Introduction
II. What is Copyright Infringement?
III. Who Can Sue for Infringement?
IV. Who Are Infringers?
V. How is Infringement Proved?
VI. How Much Copying is Too Much?
VII. What is Fair Use?
VIII. Monetary Relief
IX. Injunctive Relief
X. Jurisdiction and Limitations
XI. The Defendant’s Case
XII. Digital Millennium Copyright Act
XIII. Insurance
XIV. Copyright Resources
XV. Conclusion

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