Jeff Drummond Speaks to Medical Economics About HIPAA’s Privacy Rule

June 30, 2016 | Mentions

Jeff Drummond, an attorney with Jackson Walker, LLP, in Dallas, Texas, says the main reason people have difficulty with HIPAA is that they don’t under


stand how the law is structured.

“People have a hard time putting HIPAA together with their day-to-day lives,” says Drummond, adding that the fact sheets are geared to help bridge that g

ap with real-world examples for physicians.

In the operations fact sheet, HHS discusses the kinds of exceptions that make patient authorization unnecessary: improving the quality of care, developing guidelines or protocols, coordinating care, reviewing the qualifications of healthcare providers or conducting training, among several others. “Sharing information in order to develop clinical pathways is useful and very important, and we have to have some level of information sharing,” says Drummond of the exceptions.

However, two conditions must be met. First, both the covered entity sharing the PHI and the one receiving it must have a relationship with the patient, and second, only the minimum amount of information necessary to complete the operation may be disclosed. “The tricky part is deciding what the minimum amount information necessary is,” says Drummond.

Even if names, addresses, and social security numbers are removed from documents, it is still considered PHI if a date more specific than a year is included. A document that says, “June, 2016” is still subject to all of the security rules that a document including a name and address would be.

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