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March 31, 2008 | Newsletters

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Paul Watler’s Perspectives: Bloggers and the First Amendment: More on Cyber Free Speech

Since the law often plays catch-up to technology, the blogosphere may be getting an answer soon to the question recently posed in this postcard by my partner, Chip Babcock. Chip asked what would happen when blogs are sued for content.

Winners & Losers: On Frozen Pond

Our roving media attorney writes a monthly column (republished here by permission) for SportsTravel magazine. This month’s topic: On Frozen Pond — The NHL got it right when they thought outside the box and created the “Winter Classic.”

100 Years of History

1998: JW partners Chip Babcock and Nancy Hamilton successfully defend Oprah in the Veggie Libel Trial.
Jackson Walker’s Media Practice: 100 Years of History

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