Elections & Campaign Finance

Election and campaign finance laws are often complex, highly regulated areas of law.  Virtually every action taken to engage the political process is open to legal scrutiny.  To that end, numerous statutes, regulations, and rules have been created to oversee the interactions between the public and policymakers at the local, state, and federal level.

It is critical for donors, corporations, and political organizations to have experienced counsel as part of their respective teams to ensure the legality of their political activities. At Jackson Walker, we guide our clients through the maze of modern election laws and regulations to help them achieve their goals while avoiding the legal and ethical pitfalls that are all too common in politics.  Due to our varied experiences, our attorneys are uniquely equipped to assist politically active citizens and organizations in complying with the tremendous number of laws and regulations restricting political activity in the United States.

Our Election Law attorneys counsel clients on the laws and rules pertaining to lobbying, political contributions, political action committees, the use of corporate resources for political purposes, and corporate guidelines on election issues.  We also assist donors in deciding which candidates and committees are deserving of their financial assistance.  Our team has a unique ability to tap into its deep network of campaign professionals around the country in order to evaluate the risks associated with donating to various campaign organizations.

Jackson Walker’s Election Law attorneys represent candidates and political parties in election contests and election law litigation.  We also assist campaign organizations in dealing with the myriad issues that develop during an election cycle.