Lodging & Accommodations Real Estate

Some firms talk the talk when it comes to the hospitality industry.

At Jackson Walker, our collection of hospitality lawyers actually “get it,” and their consistent results are their most important proof. Jackson Walker’s hospitality practice is comprised of a team of deal making, seasoned real estate veterans with the passion, skills and the extensive experience needed to handle any legal matter in this highly specialized industry.

If the need is development, acquisition, disposition, financing, management, franchising, ground leasing, joint ventures or other complex issues relating to domestic and international luxury resort, hotel and mixed use hospitality products, our team gets the job done. In fact, the Jackson Walker hospitality group consistently works on billions of dollars of hospitality transactions annually. Be it refinancing a portfolio of hotels in multiple states with multiple lenders, acquiring off market iconic hotels, or negotiating elaborate agreements between titans, we are there for our clients by providing in-depth legal wisdom and direction.

A hotel “property” typically includes four distinct components – the real estate, the personal property, the business itself, and the brand name – all of which can be controlled by different parties, with numerous horizontal and vertical lines drawn across these highly interactive relationships.  It is not uncommon for a single hotel transaction to involve a ground lease, hotel operating agreement, hotel franchise agreement, and hotel management agreement, as well as ancillary agreements such as restaurant leases, concession agreements, and parking agreements. Third party financing from lenders and equity funds from investors adds significantly to the documents and other complexities involved. As the hotel generally remains operational throughout the real estate transaction, new leases, franchise agreements, and management agreements must be put in place seamlessly while not affecting the ongoing business operations.  Not every good real estate lawyer is qualified to handle the nuances of a hotel transaction. The Jackson Walker hospitality team attorneys have represented parties on all sides of hotel real estate transactions, and practice in many disciplines, including real estate, tax, corporate, finance, labor and employment, litigation and dispute resolution, environmental, EB5 and intellectual property. Our experience, knowledge and understanding of the intricacies and challenges created by the hotel industry and these intersecting relationships differentiate us from our peers.

Our clients know this and rely on our team to be hands-on, highly responsive, and to provide a detailed, quick turn-around. And that’s why we have enjoyed decades-long relationships with our clients.

You see, we actually like what we do. And that’s why at Jackson Walker, we walk the walk.

Practice Category

  • Strategic planning
  • Development, acquisition, and disposition
  • Branding and licensing
  • Financing, refinancing, and restructuring
  • Franchise and disclosure issues
  • Operating and development agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Condo-hotel agreements
  • Zoning & historic preservation
  • Fractional interest, timeshare, and mixed-use structuring
  • Pre-opening service agreements
  • Joint venture, partnership, and LLC agreements
  • Corporate, as well as multi- and single asset transactions
  • Product and program structuring
  • Encroachment, intra-brand competition, and area of protection issues
  • Mergers and acquisitions