COVID-19 & Your Business: Frequent Questions

Can you provide any tips on how to communicate new policies adopted in response to COVID-19?

Many factors go into planning the communications elements of a crisis response communications plan. Legal concerns are only one element that should be considered in planning a communications strategy. Employers may wish to create a small task force that includes employees from diverse functions, including the legal function, to plan an internal communications strategy. This task force should issue regular, prompt, and clear communications about company policies, such as remote work policies, travel policies, leave policies, and infectious disease policies, and the context and reasons behind those policies. It may be important to communicate whether a policy is driven by legal requirements, concern about transmission of illness, and/or business-related concerns.

Many businesses appoint a spokesperson for their regular communications and define the cadence of regular communications. Businesses should also consider communicating to their employees how they will provide urgent updates, whether that is through push alert systems, emails, phone trees or a combination of those sorts of systems. Another helpful approach may include creating an information hub to archive communications and post urgent alerts, which can also include reliable external resources that employees may find useful.

Last updated April 9

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