The 88th Annual Deep Sea Roundup, July 11-14, Promotes Family Traditions and Scholarships for Texas Gulf Coast Students

May 28, 2024 | Attorney News

The 88th Annual Deep Sea Roundup, one of the oldest and largest fishing competitions on the Texas coast, is set to take place on July 11-14. For more than three decades, the tournament has brought participants of all ages together to support educational scholarships and youth-related activities for the children of Port Aransas.

Willie Hornberger, a partner in the Dallas office of Texas-based law firm Jackson Walker, has been a longtime supporter of the tournament and says the Roundup is a tradition cherished by his family.

“The Deep Sea Roundup not only fosters a sense of community but also creates incredible opportunities for the youth of Port Aransas,” Willie stated. “For many families like mine, the Roundup is a chance to come back to a special place and pay it forward to a new generation of deserving students.”

“The Deep Sea Roundup not only fosters a sense of community but also creates incredible opportunities for the youth of Port Aransas.”

Port Aransas Boatmen, the sponsor of the event, has awarded more than $200,000 in scholarship funds to more than 150 students. As one of their major community service initiatives, Port Aransas Boatmen award scholarships to graduating seniors, high school graduates, past scholarship recipients, and individuals pursuing licenses or certifications.

Brett Stawar, President and CEO of the Port Aransas Tourism Bureau & Chamber of Commerce, highlighted the role the Deep Sea Roundup plays in Port Aransas.

“Tradition anchors in Port Aransas, and the Deep Sea Roundup is steeped in Port A tradition,” said Stawar. “The Roundup solidifies Port Aransas as the granddaddy fishing capital of Texas, delivering a long history of creating new and continuing old family Texas traditions.”

For Alicia Sherwood of Padre Island, the tournament represents family traditions passed down through generations.

“Family traditions are passed down between generations, and this is what the Deep Sea Roundup means to so many of us,” Sherwood said. “We as a family look forward to it every year and can’t thank enough the amazing group of people who continue to make it happen.”

Brittney Walker, a resident of New Mexico, recalls her childhood experiences at the Deep Sea Roundup, calling it her “favorite time of year” and a tradition that will continue with her family.

“I’ve fished the Deep Sea Round Up my whole life, beginning with the piggy perch contest,” said Walker. “The memories I made during this time, especially with my grandparents, are ones I’ll never forget. This is a tradition I look forward to passing on to my own son.”

The tournament, which began in 1932, has become a reunion for seasoned participants.

Captain Josh Garcia, the 2010 Bay Surf Grand Champion and current board member and volunteer, expressed his anticipation for the event each year.

“Generations of anglers have come together to make memories that last a lifetime,” Garcia said. “Every year I look forward to the Deep Sea Roundup and getting the chance to see the community and the Port Aransas Boatman shine. The money raised continues to help support students in various colleges, universities, and trades.”

Houston resident Glen Davis said, “It is by far my favorite tournament on the Texas Gulf Coast. I’ve been participating for over 20 years. What separates this tournament from most others is that it accommodates all types of fishermen. There is an offshore division, or you can just fish the surf or jetties for the fishermen without a boat.”

Willie Hornberger said that Jackson Walker’s sponsorship of one of the state’s largest fishing tournaments is a natural fit for the largest law firm in the state.

Reflecting on the significance of the event, Willie emphasized, “The Deep Sea Roundup is more than just a fishing competition – it’s a cornerstone of the community, promoting our traditions and the goals of future generations.”

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