Bill Dahlstrom Quoted in Fox 4 Report on Ursuline Academy’s Athletic Field Plan

August 6, 2012 | Mentions

Fox 4 KDFW-TV reporter Calvert Collins interviewed Jackson Walker partner Bill Dahlstrom for a news report about the Ursuline Academy of Dallas’ renewed effort to build an athletic field on its campus.

The Catholic girls’ school recently filed a new plan with the City requesting rezoning of 2.2 acres along Walnut Hill for the field.

The school believes that it has addressed concerns previously raised. “Our architect doesn’t feel as if there is a significant amount of light pollution created by this facility.” Mr. Dahlstrom said. “We have actually heard from one resident who believes that having the school here does create a benefit to his house and his house value.”

Mr. Dahlstrom also stressed the importance of the field to the Ursuline soccer team, which has managed to win an impressive 22 consecutive state titles despite the challenges of not having a field of its own.

“The need is a lot greater now than it was back then,” he said. “They’ve had situations where a field was taken away from them just before they went out to play.”

In an article by The Dallas Morning News, Dahlstrom said “It all hinges on a need. There’s a need for an athletic field for the students to practice and have games.”

Mr. Dahlstrom focuses his practice on all areas of land use. He incorporates a planning problem solving process in land use and land development issues, including zoning, subdivision, annexation, economic development, development agreements, signage, ordinance drafting, transportation, comprehensive planning, utilities, special districts, development fees, conservation, master planned developments, and aesthetics. He received his Bachelors of Urban Planning and Design, cum laude, from the University of Cincinnati and his J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law.

For more information, view The Dallas Morning News article “Dallas’ Ursuline Academy tries again for permit to build athletic field.”

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