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July 31, 2018 | Newsletters

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A New Shield for the “Enemy?”

In light of the Trump administration’s statements—and now actions—against the press, Jorge Padilla comments on reinvigorated efforts to pass a federal shield law to protect reporters’ confidential sources.

Jackson Walker Successfully Defends The Dallas Morning News Against Defamation Lawsuit

Paul Watler and Lindsey Marsh represented the A.H. Belo Corporation, the parent company of The Dallas Morning News, against a defamation suit involving articles that reported on the murder investigation of Dallas lawyer Ira Tobolowsky.

Winners & Losers: Feeling a Draft

In his monthly column for SportsTravel magazine, Bob Latham shares his experience attending the NHL Draft in June.

“Nevertheless, with a fast-paced program (only three minutes between picks), the variety of nations represented and an upbeat mood in the building, the NHL Draft remained true to the ethos of hockey—an ingredient of a professional sports draft that should not be overlooked.”

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