Entertainment, Digital, & Sports

Jackson Walker’s Entertainment, Digital, & Sports Group leverages both its years of experience and full-service resources and capabilities to provide clients with valued advice in the multiple sectors and disciplines of the entertainment and sports industries, including with respect to their digital or “new media” matters.

Not surprisingly, the digital marketplace has quickly become the focus of Jackson Walker’s clients within entertainment, sports, and across other commercial industries. Advances in new technology are leading to new fields of industry and, in turn, new legislation and precedent-setting cases on a seemingly regular basis. The multidimensional development of the new digital age, together with the globalization of financing, production, distribution, and licensing, is driving change at a speed and level of complexity never before encountered.

Clients turn to Jackson Walker because they are looking for creative, insightful attorneys who combine business acumen, legal experience, and vision to guide them safely and profitably through both known and unexplored commercial and legal landscapes. Such cutting-edge advice requires unique market insights about what drives these industries and the legal acuity necessary to not only know what today’s issues are, but to anticipate what tomorrow’s issues will be as technology and its related business models and practices continue to develop.

Areas of Service

  • Entertainment Litigation

    Our entertainment litigators take an aggressive but strategic approach toward helping clients across the entertainment industry to solve their business challenges, protect their creative works, and defend their legal rights.

  • Entertainment Transactions

    Our entertainment transactions attorneys leverage years of entertainment and media industry experience alongside our full-service resources and capabilities in complimentary areas of practice like intellectual property, corporate, and employment law, just to name a few, to provide our clients with value-added advice in a full range of entertainment transactions.

  • Digital

    Our digital and new media attorneys help assess, create, and implement winning legal solutions for clients in furtherance of their online, e-commerce, social media, digital marketing, digital distribution, and digital rights management strategies.

  • Sports

    From teams to owners, governing bodies, venues, and professional and Olympic athletes, our sports law attorneys have represented the full range of players in the business of sports.

* Jackson Walker does not accept unsolicited submissions for films, television programs, musical works, or other ideas or materials for any entertainment or media industry projects; and does not provide literary or talent agent services, talent management services, artist development services, shopping services, broker/dealer services, business management services, or the like.