“Employment Law After the Election”

November 18, 2020 | Webinars

With Joe Biden as the projected President-Elect (subject to pending federal litigation and the Electoral College vote), panelists from Jackson Walker and Lockton Dunning Benefits look at what employers may expect from a new administration and employment law initiatives, including wage and hour, paid sick leave, civil rights legislation, and other potential areas that may be impacted.

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Featured speakers and topics include:

  • David Schlottman, “Legislative Wish List”
  • Jackie Staple, “The Future of Joint Employment and Independent Contractors”
  • Judy Bennett Garner, “Proposed Civil Rights Legislation”
  • Sarah Mitchell Montgomery, “OFCCP and Affirmative Action”
  • Scott Behrens (Lockton), “Biden’s Response to COVID-19”
  • Gary Fowler, “Legislative Initiatives on Covenants Not to Compete”

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Please note: This webinar and any resources presented on the Jackson Walker Coronavirus microsite do not constitute legal or medical advice.

In This Story

W. Gary Fowler
Partner, Dallas
Judy Bennett Garner
Associate, Dallas
David Schlottman
Partner, Dallas
Jackie C. Staple
Associate, Houston