Alternative Dispute Resolution

As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. At Jackson Walker, we help employers implement policies that will keep workplace issues from arising. When workplace issues arise, we focus on helping employers find informal, effective means of resolving them. By guiding clients through mediation and arbitration proceedings, we can help them avoid the time and cost involved in court litigation.


Courts increasingly expect parties in a lawsuit to mediate workplace claims. Our attorneys have significant hands-on experience with mediation, having cumulatively participated in thousands of such proceedings. When mediation is either required or strategically preferred, the right legal representation can result in the end of a workplace issue rather than the beginning of litigation.


The number of employers who have adopted programs requiring employees to submit formal disputes to private arbitration rather than public court proceedings has dramatically increased. We have created such programs for clients to maximize the benefits employers can realize when a claim arises.

Many of our attorneys are approved to serve on arbitration tribunals such as those administered by the American Arbitration Association and Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services. Understanding the process from the arbitrator’s viewpoint adds perspective to our ability to advocate for our clients in arbitration.

When an employer is confronted with an arbitrable dispute, our attorneys have the experience and skill to guide employers to the most efficient, expeditious result possible.

Practice Category

  • Advise on and draft appropriate dispute resolution policies
  • Draft on-point and legally proper dispute resolution agreements
  • Draft effective arbitration clauses
  • Represent client throughout mediation process
  • Represent client throughout arbitration process
  • Accurately gather and promptly submit specific information requested by mediator
  • Draft and file motions seeking to compel or oppose arbitration
  • Ensure company has appropriate representation at mediation
  • Work with company representatives in advance to prepare appropriate mediation strategy