Latin America Outbound – English

While we proudly calls Texas home, we have long recognized that our clients’ demands reach far beyond Texas’ borders. Our Latin America Practice has played a key role in developing this important commercial relationship between Texas, Mexico and the rest of Latin America, and reflects Jackson Walker’s firm commitment to provide its clients a full spectrum of value-driven cross-border legal solutions.

Our Latin America practice consists of attorneys who have significant legal and business experience in many Latin American countries. As part of our strategy to assist our clients in all of their business endeavors, including those dealing with Latin America, we also have attorneys licensed in Mexico. We regularly work with the Latin America affiliated firms of Globalaw™ to provide practical solutions to local problems in a manner that is understandable and value-driven to our U.S. clients.

Our Latin America practice attorneys understand and deal with civil law concepts, are fluent in Spanish and/or Portuguese, and regularly negotiate and document transactions subject to the governing law of several Latin American countries. Our Latin America practice attorneys balance their legal knowledge, business experience, and cultural understanding to help our clients successfully invest in Latin America.

Our Latin America practice attorneys regularly advise clients in the following:

  • Establishment of operations in Latin American countries, including organization of subsidiaries, movement of U.S. personnel to Latin American countries, and related labor, benefits and tax issues, including maquiladora and shelter operations in Mexico
  • Structuring, negotiating and documenting mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of companies and assets, joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Acquisition and sale of real estate in Mexico both in and outside of the restricted zone, and through bank trusts (fideicomisos)
  • Coordinate litigation, mediation, and arbitration subject to different Latin American jurisdictions
  • Protection and licensing of intellectual property
  • Representation of U.S. financial institutions in structuring cross-border financing transactions with collateral in Mexico and other Latin American countries
  • Letters of credit and other financing of equity and debt requirements
  • Compliance with various import and export regulations in Mexico and various Latin American countries
  • Handling cross-border tax issues and disputes with taxing authorities.

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