Jackson Walker’s Global Reach

Jackson Walker acts for clients engaged in a broad range of transnational activities and provides a full range of corporate, financial, and tax planning advice. Foreign and U.S. clients call upon Jackson Walker to assist in their penetration and development of markets, to provide advice, negotiation skills and connections, and to play a major role in dispute resolution through counseling, litigation, mediation, or arbitration. Jackson Walker has an established network of correspondent law firms and is a founding member of Globalaw™, a network of independent law firms located in more than 65 countries.

Jackson Walker’s international energy practice covers advocacy, negotiations and documentation involving exploration and production projects, pipeline projects, development of gathering and processing plants and other midstream assets, development of gas storage facilities, development of gas fired and thermal electric power plants, evaluation of gas and electric utility transmission and distribution systems, development of LNG plants and extensive matters relating to transportation of LNG, development of petrochemical plants, and financing and operational matters.

The firm’s attorneys handle on a daily basis transactions involving Mexican companies doing business in the United States and U.S. companies investing in or trading with Mexico, and Jackson Walker’s Litigation Section handles the resolution of disputes arising from transnational transactions involving Mexico.

Membership in Globalaw

Globalaw™, The International Law Group, is a worldwide network of independent law firms, comprising firms representing over 65 jurisdictions. Through Globalaw and the other relationships established by Jackson Walker with attorneys throughout the world, Jackson Walker attorneys have access to local attorneys in foreign jurisdictions with the skills and connections essential for our clients’ development of their foreign businesses.

Jackson Walker is a founding member of Globalaw™ and its attorneys are regular participants in the national and international meetings of the network and its practice groups. Active involvement in the network has allowed the firm’s attorneys to establish close relationships that enable Jackson Walker to provide effective foreign counsel for U.S. clients doing transnational business.

All of the Globalaw™ firms share common characteristics. Most are of medium size, as defined by their various jurisdictions, with the ability to devote personal attention to their clients. Many are active in the International Bar Association. All have broadly based commercial, corporate, and business practices. All have litigation capabilities and transnational as well as domestic practices.

While Globalaw™ is an informal network of independent, self-governing firms, it remains an invaluable forum through which Jackson Walker attorneys have access to international information, developments, and foreign counsel to enable us to work with the firm’s clients to provide legal advice and access to business particularities in foreign jurisdictions.

The firm’s practice representing U.S. based investors and businesses in their efforts to reach global markets includes:

  • Access to foreign markets through agency, distributor, franchise and joint venture agreements;
  • Structuring, negotiating and documenting mergers, acquisitions of companies and assets, and strategic alliances;
  • Establishment of foreign operations, including organization of foreign entities, movement of U.S. personnel to foreign countries, and related labor, benefits and tax issues;
  • Litigation, mediation, and arbitration;
  • Protection of intellectual property abroad and the licensing of technology and intellectual property;
  • Letters of credit and other financing of equity and debt requirements; and
  • Handling international tax issues and disputes with taxing authorities.

For foreign entities and other foreign persons, Jackson Walker attorneys act in the United States to do the following:

  • Defend clients sued or involved in arbitration in the United States or pursue remedies for foreign entities or individuals in United States in State and Federal courts and through arbitration;
  • Advise upon and implement the issuance of shares and ADRs or other equity by foreign issuers in the United States securities markets, both public and private;
  • Prosecute patent, trademark, and copyright matters, including licensing of technology;
  • Advise upon domestic and foreign tax matters, including tax treaty problems and direct and indirect foreign tax credit matters, and provide counseling for general tax and business planning;
  • Structure, negotiate and document acquisitions and dispositions of companies (public and private) and assets to achieve clients’ tax, legal, and business strategies;
  • Structure sales and/or leasing transactions, with a particular emphasis on representation, distribution, licensing, franchising, and financing agreements;
  • Negotiate and document joint venture agreements and strategic alliances;
  • Advise upon trade matters;
  • Counsel clients regarding compliance with treaties and regulations;
  • Provide advice and processing regarding visa, immigration, and naturalization matters;
  • Counsel clients on U.S. estate planning, working with their local advisors, and prepare wills and trusts to implement the plans; and
  • Select and establish appropriate investment structures to achieve client goals.
Breaking Borders October 2023 webinar

October 19, 2023

Manny Schoenhuber’s “Breaking Borders” Series Continues With Discussion on the Inflation Reduction Act

Manny Schoenhuber (Jackson Walker) and Darcie Murray (MU) will be joined by Lauren Edson (Rödl & Partner) on Thursday, October 19 for the second webinar in the “Breaking Borders” series exploring the ins and outs of the U.S. business landscape for European companies and investors looking to expand into the U.S. market.

September 29, 2023

Government Shutdowns and Immigration Processes: What to Expect

By Yenmi Tang

If Congress does not pass appropriations legislation or a stopgap spending bill by September 30, 2023, the federal government will experience a shutdown on October 1, 2023. A federal government shutdown will disrupt certain U.S. immigration processes and visa programs, but not all of them. Immigration agencies that rely on appropriations from the federal government will shut down, while fee-funded agencies will continue to operate.

September 27, 2023

Employers Navigate Post-Pandemic Compliance and Regulatory Changes in a Shifting Immigration Landscape I Texas Lawyer

By Kelly D. Cobb

Now more than ever, it is vital that businesses review their internal immigration policies and processes, internal audit procedures, and training.

USA flags

August 17, 2023
Attorney News

‘The Best Lawyers in America’ Honors 287 Jackson Walker Attorneys in 2024 Edition, Including 12 “Lawyers of the Year” and 80 “Ones to Watch”

The Best Lawyers in America has recognized 287 Jackson Walker attorneys across 5 offices and 82 specialty practice areas in its 2024 edition, including 12 Lawyers of the Year and 80 Ones to Watch. In this year’s guide, Jackson Walker saw the largest number of attorneys in the areas of Commercial Litigation (66 attorneys) and Real Estate Law (60 attorneys) and the addition of 35 attorneys as Best Lawyers.

USA Business Digest newsletter image

August 3, 2023

USA Business Digest: August 2023

The USA Business Digest is a newsletter covering legal insights for European companies and investors in the United States.

This month, we will take a closer look at (1) a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that limits the reach of federal trademark law; (2) the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework; (3) offshore wind projects; and (4) the EU-U.S. critical minerals deal.

By Manny Schoenhuber

International village feast

May 25, 2023

“Breaking Borders: Navigating the Complexities of Doing Business in the U.S.”

Manny Schoenhuber (Jackson Walker) and Darcie Murray (MU) on Thursday, May 25, 2023, will present the first webinar in the “Breaking Borders” series exploring the ins and outs of the U.S. business landscape for European companies and investors looking to expand into the U.S. market.

Manny Schoenhuber with Jackson Walker logo

April 13, 2023
Attorney News

Manny Schoenhuber Participates in Globalaw Leadership Programme

Manny Schoenhuber has been selected to participate in the 2023 Globalaw Leadership Programme, a business development and leadership training program for attorneys of Globalaw member firms. The program will comprise eight sessions starting on April 28, 2023, and will conclude in October at the Globalaw Annual Members Meeting (GLAMM) in Lisbon, Portugal, at the end of October.

USA Business Digest newsletter image

April 3, 2023

USA Business Digest: March 2023

The USA Business Digest is a newsletter covering legal insights for European companies and investors in the United States.

In this issue, we take a closer look at (1) a proposed U.S.-EU deal on critical mineral and battery supply chains; (2) the Department of Energy’s $6 billion funding for industrial decarbonization projects; and (3) the FTC’s proposed ban on noncompetes and restrictions on NDAs.

By Manny Schoenhuber

JW Fast Takes cover art graphic

February 9, 2023

Immigration Issues When Contemplating Layoffs or Reductions in Force

JW Fast Takes Podcast | ~7.5 minutes

The potential for layoffs or reductions in force could trigger immigration-related issues. Business Immigration & Compliance partners Kelly Cobb and Sang Shin join the Fast Takes podcast to cover key considerations as not all visas are created equal.

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