Dan Chapman Featured in “Texas Bar Journal” on Lifetime of Thrill

September 22, 2014 | Attorney News

The article, "No Regrets: A San Antonio attorney seeks a lifetime of thrill," highlights the "full throttle" lifestyle of Mr. Chapman. From hang gliding to sky diving and motorcycle racing, Mr. Chapman tells the publication that his life has always been guided by both a fear of regret and an innate curiosity. 'I didn’t want to get old and say, "Gee, well I'm disappointed I didn't try that."' Having suffered some broken bones in a hard hang gliding landing, Mr. Chapman decided to switch from motorcycle racing to vintage car racing, which he continues to partake in today. He noted that the technical aspects of being a patent attorney are similar to those of car racing. "It's a precision sport, in the sense that you have to put your car within inches of the curb or other cars at high speeds to get the most out of it," Mr. Chapman told the publication. To view the full article, CLICK HERE. Mr. Chapman focuses his practice on civil trial law involving patent, copyright, and trademark law, and domestic and international trademark and patent prosecution. He received his B.S., State University of New York and his J.D. from Baylor University School of Law.