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February 25, 2019 | Newsletters

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The First Amendment and the Struggle for Black Equality

By Trey McDonald

This Black History Month, we must not forget the tireless efforts of civil rights leaders and lawyers fighting laws designed to relegate Black Americans to second-class citizen status.

A Night With the Crazies

In his latest Winners & Losers column, Bob Latham recounted his experience at the “mythical” Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of Duke basketball starring monumental talent Zion Williamson. View the full article »

2019 Legislative Day Conference

As the Texas Association of Broadcasters hosted its 2019 Legislative Day Conference, our partners Stacy Allen and Chip Babcock joined more than 120 broadcasters in Austin for the issue briefings and lunch with local lawmakers.  Check out our video »

Internet of Things Part 4: Can’t Our Smart Devices All Just Get Along? Interoperability, Licensing, and FRAND

“Wouldn’t it be great if all IoT devices could seamlessly interact with every other IoT device?” 

In an article addressing challenges facing the Internet of Things category, Matt Acosta shares how history lends itself to modern day technology.


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