Igniting Change

Last year, we shared a snapshot of what Jackson Walker represents—community, inclusion, leadership—intangibles that can't be summed up with dollars and dimes.

This year, we reflect on a year of growth and advancement in how we recruit talent, diversify our team, and develop our future leaders. This report details how Jackson Walker is igniting change through our efforts to recruit, develop, retain, promote, and celebrate a more diverse and inclusive team.

Message From Our Chairs

At Jackson Walker, we take pride in providing a supportive, inclusive environment for our attorneys and staff.

Our Diversity Committee sets the tone for our efforts and works to hold us all accountable to our goals of proactively recruiting, retaining, and advancing a diverse team while expanding our inclusive
environment. We also support pipeline programs that provide diverse students with opportunities to explore the possibilities of careers in law. And through programs like Jackson Walker Women (JW2),
we continue to create opportunities for our women attorneys to grow in their leadership and build strong networks extending beyond the Firm.

As we demonstrate in this report, we are continuing to make progress in the Firm’s diversity. In short, we’re working together to ignite change within the Firm and across the legal profession.

Bruce Ruzinsky | Diversity Committee Chair
Michelle Moore Smith | JW2 Committee Chair

Message From Our Managing Partner

What sets Jackson Walker apart from other firms? When I ask our clients and our people that question, their answer inevitably includes our culture. That culture is strengthened and enhanced by the unique backgrounds and perspectives each of our colleagues bring to the Firm.

Having a team as diverse as our clients and our communities makes us a better, more innovative law firm. We consistently rank among the top Texas firms in the Diversity Scorecard from The American Lawyer and are a multi-year top performer in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s rankings.

Yet, numbers don’t tell the full story, and inclusion doesn’t happen just by assembling a diverse team. While we’re proud of the progress detailed in this report, we know there’s more work to be done, and we will continue to strive to reflect the communities we serve as we seek to provide ever more innovative service to our clients.

This report details our work in 2018 to recruit, retain and promote, and train an increasingly diverse team. I’m also pleased to report that many of our diverse attorneys are leading committees within the Firm, and they’re serving outside organizations that are making our communities and the world a better place.

Through our efforts as a law firm, through our financial contributions, and through the work and leadership of our attorneys, we’re igniting positive change—at Jackson Walker, in the legal industry, and in our communities. The spark that began our firm more than 130 years ago continues to light the way every day to help us become more inclusive, caring, and supportive.

Wade Cooper | Managing Partner

How JW Is Igniting Change