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April 30, 2008 | Newsletters

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Bob Latham Bulletin: A Democracy of ‘Lampooning And Spoofing’

Whether intended by this nation’s founders or not, one of the more valuable benefits of the First Amendment is a robust and evolved national sense of humor. What is interesting to me is that this seems to be the first presidential election year where all candidates have come to realize that.

Paul Watler’s Podcast: On-Line Campus Gossip

The phone rang with an intriguing invitation: “Would you like to be an Internet video blogger for a day?” It didn’t take John Council of Texas Lawyer long to convince Paul to give it a try as his guest on Reversed & Remanded.


Recent e-Alert — Federal Safe Harbor for Web Forums Grows Smaller After Ninth Circuit Ruling — Internet service providers who shape or direct the contribution of content onto their websites may not enjoy the safe harbor protections Congress provided more than ten years ago.

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