Wage and Hour Litigation Back on the Rise in Midst of COVID-19 | The Texas Lawbook

September 1, 2020 | Mentions

According to new data provided by Androvett Legal Media, 422 lawsuits tied to the Fair Labor Standards Act have been filed across Texas federal courts during the first half of 2020—up 16% compared to the same time period last year and up 19% from the second half of 2019. In this article, Jamila Brinson discusses the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis that arbitration provisions can be included in employment contracts with respect to collective action claims.

“Instead of suing the actual employer (the staffing firm), [contractors] are now suing the oil and gas company they were providing services to,” Jamila said. “They’re doing that to get around the arbitration agreement and collective action waivers that the employees agreed to with the staffing firms.”

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