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December 11, 2017 | Newsletters

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Pop Fouls, Russians, Millennium Magazine, The New York Daily Inquirer, and Fake News

I’m at game seven of the World Series sitting five rows behind home at Dodger Stadium when a batter fouls off a pitch. The catcher gives chase but it flies over the screen landing in the stands near me right behind home. A mad scramble ensues and two Astros fans fight for the ball both yelling “mine.” But after a closer look, is it fake news?

Winners & Losers: Cellar Dwellers

As more and more athletes enter the world of winemaking, Bob Latham seeks to crown the champion of viticulture.

Media Group Defends The Dallas Morning News

Jackson Walker persuaded a Texas federal district judge to protect against an attempt to unmask the identities of persons posting anonymously on the internet.

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