Sports are a major part of Texas culture, from competitive team sports like football, baseball, and basketball, to individual efforts like golf and racing. But sports are also a business and, like any business, must contend with a variety of legal issues on a daily basis. Jackson Walker has the experience to counsel sports-industry clients on those issues.

Our attorneys have represented professional and Olympic athletes, collegiate and professional sports teams, professional sports team owners, sporting facilities, and sports industry associations and governing bodies with their sports industry-related transactions and litigation.

Representative Clients:

  • Professional and Olympic athletes
  • Collegiate and professional sports teams
  • Sports team owners
  • Sports franchises and governing bodies
  • Olympic organizations
  • Sports facilities
  • Preparation and negotiation of various industry agreements
  • Preparation and negotiation of sponsorship and athlete endorsement deals
  • Intellectual property rights management issues for athletes and sports teams, including copyright, trademark, and right of publicity
  • Sports industry dispute resolution, including sports contract disputes, intellectual property disputes, and right to compete grievances