Courthouse News Service Shares Story of John Edwards Questioning Witness in First Amendment Case

November 8, 2021 | Mentions

In an op-ed from Courthouse News Service, editor Bill Girdner recounts Jackson Walker partner John K. Edwards questioning a witness in a case involving the First Amendment right of timely public and press access to newly filed state civil, non-confidential complaints. John represents Courthouse News Service in the case.

“The night before the hearing, we scrounged through the law firm for a hand calculator,” Girdner writes. “When it was handed to a state witness the next morning, the result was what lawyers rarely see, the drama of a witness admitting her testimony was false.”

For the full story, visit “The calculator’s tale” on Courthouse News Service. For more information about this case, read John’s insights “State Court Clerks in New Mexico Delay Access to Court Records in Violation of the First Amendment, But an Adequate Remedy Proves Elusive.”

John EdwardsMeet John

John K. Edwards represents clients in complex commercial/tort litigation and arbitrations on a national basis, focusing on media and entertainment, government procurement and contracts, and employment law. John has routinely represented broadcast and print media companies in a wide variety of areas implicating the First Amendment, including defense of defamation and related speech-based claims, obtaining media access to government documents and court proceedings under state open court and public information laws, and defending against civil and criminal subpoenas issued to members of the media. John is lead counsel representing Courthouse News Service in the New Mexico and Texas lawsuits discussed in the article.