Self-Care Isn’t Selfish and Can Actually Help Your Performance | ABA Journal

March 1, 2019 | Mentions

In an ABA Journal article exploring the impact of self-care on the lives of mothers who practice law, litigation partner Stephanie Collett Sparks shared how she gradually began to set aside time to take proper care of herself.

During the first five years of balancing motherhood and practicing litigation full time, she didn’t see how she could practice self-care.

“My mindset was that I would have to get caught up with all of my to-do lists at the office plus all of my to-do lists for my children before I could even contemplate doing something as frivolous as self-care,” she said.

After a string of events snowballed, she realized a change was needed.

“I took baby steps—making doctor appointments that I had needed for years, trying workout classes and reading books for pleasure. I had to choose to prioritize these activities and literally schedule them in my Outlook calendar,” Stephanie noted.

As she began to engage in self-care activities, she found she had more focus and increased productivity levels. Over time, she said she “finally realized that if I take care of myself, then I can better take care of my family and clients.”

“I finally realized that if I take care of myself, then I can better take care of my family and clients.”

To read the full article, view ABA Journal’s “Self-care isn’t selfish and can actually help your performance.”

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Collett Sparks is a business attorney focusing on commercial litigation, healthcare, and energy transactional and regulatory practice. For over 10 years, she has successfully helped represent clients in arbitrations, trials, and in achieving favorable pre-trial resolution to litigation matters. Stephanie also represents and counsels clients on complex transactional and regulatory matters in the energy and healthcare industries. Since 2013, she has been recognized as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers.