36 Jackson Walker Attorneys Recognized in S.A. Scene’s 2017 Best Lawyers List

June 29, 2017 | Attorney News

Jackson Walker is proud to announce that 36 of its partners and counsel have been recognized in S.A. Scene magazine‘s “Best S.A. Lawyers 2017” list.2017 Best Lawyers in San Antonio

The recognized attorneys were selected by their peers in a survey which asked licensed, practicing lawyers in Bexar County to identify who they believe are San Antonio’s best lawyers.

This year, S.A. Scene added a new dimension to the listings, distinguishing  the “most experienced” and “well established” attorneys. Attorneys listed as “most experienced” have practiced in a particular area for 15 or more years while those listed as “well established” have practiced in a particular area for 5 – 15 years. Of all listed Jackson Walker attorneys, 21 were recognized as “most experienced” and 9 as “well established” in at least one practice area.

Jackson Walker’s 2017 “Best S.A. Lawyers” and the categories in which they were recognized are:

Taelor Allen – Energy & Oil & Gas

Andrew Baumgardner – Real Estate Transactions

William Borchers – Intellectual Property, Information Technology

Stephen Calhoun – Business Litigation, General Litigation

Stephanie Chandler – Business & Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property

Lauren Ciminello – Business & Corporate, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions

Daniel Chapman – Intellectual Property

Mark Comuzzie – Trust and Estate Litigation, Estate Planning & Trusts

Amanda Crouch – PI Defense: General

Alexine Friedman – Business & Corporate, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions

Rick Garza – General Litigation, Labor & Employment, Employment Litigation: Defense

Jeff Harvey – PI Defense: General, General Litigation

George Hinchey – Real Estate Transactions

Pete Hosey – Energy & Oil & Gas, Real Estate Transactions

Steve Jacobs – Securities & Corporate Finance

Ann Leafstedt – Business & Corporate, Closely Held Business

Jesse Lotay – Energy & Oil & Gas

Julia Mann – Business Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Energy & Oil & Gas

Shari Mao – Business & Corporate

Jimmy McDonough – Banking, Real Estate Transactions

Billy McDonough – Mergers & Acquisitions

Mark Miller – Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Marshall Miller – Business & Corporate, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions

Richard Moore – Real Estate Transactions

Jed Morrison – Healthcare

Steve Ramon – Energy & Oil & Gas, Business & Corporate, Environmental Litigation

Scott Rose – Bankruptcy

Steve Seidel – Securities & Corporate Finance

Charlie Smith – Arbitration & Mediation

Robert Soza – Environmental Litigation, Business Litigation, International

Noah Speck – Business & Corporate

Matthew J. Swantner – General Litigation, Business Litigation

Kayla Tanner – Business Litigation

Patrick Tobin – Business & Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Closely Held Business

Matthew E. Vandenberg – Business Litigation, PI Defense: General

Cline White – Intellectual Property Litigation

In This Story

Andrew L. Baumgardner
Partner, San Antonio
William R. Borchers
Partner, San Antonio
Stephen Calhoun
Partner, San Antonio
Stephanie L. Chandler
Partner, San Antonio
Lauren Sracic Ciminello
Partner, San Antonio
Mark Comuzzie
Partner, San Antonio
Amanda N. Crouch
Associate, San Antonio
Alexine Zacarias Friedman
Associate, San Antonio
Richard G. Garza
Partner, San Antonio
Jeff T. Harvey
Partner, San Antonio
Peter E. Hosey
Partner, San Antonio
Steven R. Jacobs
Partner, San Antonio
Ann M. Leafstedt
Partner, San Antonio
Jesse S. Lotay
Partner, Houston
Julia W. Mann
Partner, San Antonio
Shari Y. Mao
Partner, San Antonio
James M. McDonough
Partner, San Antonio
William J. McDonough, Jr.
Partner, San Antonio
Mark H. Miller
Partner, San Antonio
Marshall B. Miller, Jr.
Partner, San Antonio
Edgar C. Morrison, Jr.
Partner, San Antonio
J. Scott Rose
Partner, San Antonio
Charles L. Smith
Of Counsel, San Antonio
Robert L. Soza, Jr.
Partner, San Antonio
Noah Speck
Associate, Houston
Matthew J. Swantner
Partner, San Antonio
Patrick B. Tobin
Partner, San Antonio
Cline H. White
Senior Counsel, San Antonio