For over a century, Jackson Walker’s Family Office group has counseled high net worth families and individuals, tailoring our services to fit their unique legal needs. We collaborate with families and their advisors to provide business structuring advice, wealth and tax planning, and specialized asset planning. Drawing upon the experience of attorneys in a wide range of practice areas, we help family office clients realize their goals and strengthen their legacy for generations to come.


We offer a comprehensive and holistic approach that is centered around trust and responsiveness. Developing deep personal relationships with our clients is key to understanding their values and priorities, further enabling us to provide unparalleled service and innovative solutions that address our clients’ multifaceted business objectives.


Many attorneys can provide business advice and estate and tax planning services. The Jackson Walker Family Office group is distinct in that it offers all of these services in one team. Jackson Walker’s Family Office attorneys work side by side to address the complex matters facing high net worth families. Our collaborative approach allows us to explore all issues from multiple viewpoints, providing a significant advantage when it comes to ensuring our clients’ needs are met both in the short and long term. Our team understands the dynamics involved in combining an organizational chart with a family tree. Taking into account financial assets, business operations, family relationships, and other factors, we determine the appropriate structure for the family office to minimize risks while maximizing income, gift and estate tax benefits, and operational efficiencies.


Individuals, Single-Family, and Multi-Family Offices

Family offices come in many forms and sizes. They range from individual multi-millionaires, to single families who have built their net worth across generations, to groups of families who elect to capitalize on the benefits of pooling assets and investment capabilities. Likewise, they may own various types of assets and therefore focus on diverse goals. Often a family office holds both domestic and international investments. Our Family Office group is experienced in handling these overlapping legal and tax regimes in a manner that maximizes the wealth and security of the family office. We have built family offices from the ground up for some of Texas’ wealthiest families.

Family-Owned Businesses

We provide a wide range of services to privately held and family–owned businesses, working with clients from the earliest stages of business development through succession planning and liquidation. Our focus is not just on the family business and its success, but on the individuals and family. Part of our relationships first approach is a focus on ensuring there is minimal contention among family members in the management and operation of the family business. We put structures in place that allow the family business to operate efficiently and create a method for a smooth transfer of leadership, whether now or in the future, and whether to the next generation, new management, or new owners.


Our Corporate and Securities practice group has the experience and knowledge to handle any business transaction. Just a few of our services include:

  • Family office design and governance implementation that aligns with the family’s goals
  • Succession planning for businesses and investments
  • Acquiring and structuring assets to preserve, diversify, and grow family investments, including entity formation, mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances
  • Negotiation of business agreements of all types
  • Private securities offerings, including co-investments with other family offices
  • Assistance with investing in private equity and venture funds
  • Representation of families in various financing transactions

Our Tax and Wealth Planning practice groups craft comprehensive wealth preservation strategies through services such as:

  • Strategy development to ensure the transfer of wealth in a manner that creates a lasting legacy
  • Implementation of structures and transactions that align with clients’ business objectives and interests while minimizing income and transfer tax consequences
  • Estate and trust planning and administration
  • Charitable planning, including family foundations and public charities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and other gift planning vehicles
  • Tax-efficient solutions for the transfer or liquidation of assets to preserve wealth for future generations

Whether it is art held for investment purposes, a private jet for travel convenience, the family farm, or inherited mineral interests, our attorneys are well-versed in legal issues surrounding specialized assets commonly held by family offices including:

  • Aircraft and marine vessels
  • Intellectual property interests
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Ranches and farmlands
  • Specialty collections (art, equine, antiques, jewelry)


Dispute Resolution – When controversies arise, our clients can rely upon the capabilities of one of the largest trial groups in the Southwest United States. We represent family office clients that are plaintiffs or defendants in both personal and business litigation.

Privacy Preservation – Privacy protection must be considered not in isolation, but as part of a comprehensive strategy for asset protection and wealth preservation. Our attorneys are well versed in both the traditional and advanced planning tools available to safeguard privacy.

International and Immigration Issues – Jackson Walker attorneys regularly advise families with multiple citizenships and domiciles on a wide variety of issues including United States immigration, citizenship, cross-border income, transfer tax issues, and estate tax planning.

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