A Very Special “Favorite Things” Episode

December 21, 2022 | Podcasts

This special holiday episode features first-year associates Caroline Capili, Shayan Gaziani, Alexander Leseney, and Shannon Wright as they share their favorite things about the practice of law – and Jackson Walker.

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Our Host:

Courtney WhiteCourtney White
Research Attorney, Dallas & Houston
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Episode Guests:

Caroline CapiliCaroline Capili
Associate, Real Estate
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Shayan GazianiShayan Gaziani
Associate, Corporate & Securities
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Alex LeseneyAlexander Leseney
Associate, Trial & Appellate Litigation
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Shannon WrightShannon Wright
Associate, Trial & Appellate Litigation
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Episode Transcription

Courtney White: Hi, everyone. I am Courtney White, and this is Jackson Walker Fast Takes. During this holiday episode, we want to amplify gratitude. Today, we will hear from our first-year associates who will share their favorite things about the practice of law.

Shannon Wright will go first.

Shannon Wright: My name is Shannon Wright. I’m a first-year associate in the Houston office in the litigation section, and my favorite thing about working at Jackson Walker is the people. From the staff to the associates to the partners, everyone in Jackson Walker is invested in my growth and development, not just as a young attorney, but also as a person.

Courtney White: Caroline Capili.

Caroline Capili: Hi, my name is Caroline Capili, and I’m a first-year associate in Houston’s Real Estate group. My favorite thing about Jackson Walker is having the opportunity to work with very brilliant people within the firm and our clients on real estate transactions all over the nation.

Courtney White: Alex Leseney.

Alex Leseney: I’m Alex Leseney, and I’m a new associate in the Dallas litigation section. What I love most about Jackson Walker is how bought-in everyone is to helping us young lawyers learn how to contribute to the firm and serve clients. From day one, we get to jump in on important projects, and it’s nice to feel everyone’s confidence and support behind you.

Courtney White: Shayan Gaziani.

Shayan Gaziani: Hi, everyone. My name is Shayan Gaziani, and I’m a new associate in the Corporate & Securities group. One of the great things about working at Jackson Walker is the ability to engage in complex projects from day one. Whereas other firms may be a bit slower to integrate associates into more advanced tasks, JW really helps build associates by allowing them to engage in really interesting, informative projects right off the bat.

Courtney White: Thank you for joining us today and we want to wish you all a—

All: Happy Holidays!

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