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April 4, 2022 | Newsletters

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Texas Federal District Judge: Use of Drones for Newsgathering Protected by First Amendment

By Paul C. Watler & Huey Rey FischerIn considering whether a Texas law banning the use of drones for surveillance purposes violates the First Amendment, a federal judge sitting in Austin held the law infringes on the right of journalists to document and disseminate the news.


John Edwards Featured in Courthouse News Service Article Discussing Lawsuit Brought Against Travis County District Clerk and Office of Court Administration

As lead counsel for Courthouse News Service, John Edwards submitted a motion for preliminary injunction against a Travis County district clerk and the Director of the state court administrative office to ensure newly-filed non-confidential civil petitions will be made available to the public and press upon receipt, not after delays caused by later administrative processing.

U.S. Supreme Court Affirms First Amendment Protection of Elected Bodies to Censure Members

By Amanda CrouchThe Court reiterated the breadth and strength of the First Amendment and the import it has in ensuring all voices are heard, including elected bodies, through the protection of free speech.

Is New York Times v. Sullivan in Jeopardy?

With the future of New York Times v. Sullivan called into question, Chip Babcock recently spoke on the In House Warrior podcast about the landmark case and what First Amendment issues he sees on the horizon.

“I think you have to go back to 1964 to completely understand the New York Times v. Sullivan case, because I think you cannot ignore that that decision was animated and propelled by the fact that the civil rights movement was in full blossom at the time.

I’ve always thought that Sullivan was a product of that civil rights movement—an absolutely appropriate product of it—but to rule otherwise would have condemned the press to more judgments, more verdicts by all-white, all-male juries in the southern states, which would have been intolerable and incompatible with the First Amendment. So I think if one understands that, one can appreciate the opinion more completely.”

ICYMI: During the American College of Trial Lawyers Annual Meeting, Chip spoke with former “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory about fake news, public confidence in the media, and freedom of speech in America. Read more »

“An Overview and Update on Recent Copyright Royalty Board Rate Proceedings”

Statutory copyright licenses are incredibly important to the operation and economics of the music, television, and new media industries. When it comes to determining their rates and terms, U.S. copyright law turns to a single body: the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB).

On Thursday, April 14, join Emilio Nicolas for a free virtual roundtable discussing the CRB and its current proceedings. Fellow panelists include Blake Cunningham (Google), Brad Prendergast (SoundExchange), and Gwen Seale (Mike Tolleson & Associates).


Amanda Crouch and Joel Glover Named to “Up-and-Coming 100: 2022 Texas Rising Stars” List

Congratulations to Amanda Crouch and Joel Glover on being selected to the “Up-and-Coming 100: Texas Rising Stars” list for the second consecutive year. The Firm is especially proud to announce that, in addition to being named to the “Up-and-Coming 100” list, Amanda was also recognized among the “Up-and-Coming 50: 2022 Women Texas Rising Stars.” See the full “Texas Rising Stars” list »

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