Jackson Walker Congratulates Its Best Lawyers in America 2011

August 9, 2010 | Attorney News

Sixty Jackson Walker attorneys were selected as Best Lawyers in America 2011. The Firm itself was ranked number one in many areas of law in the 2011 edition.

Best Lawyers in America is the oldest and one of the most respected peer-review publications in the legal profession. Best Lawyers is based on an exhaustive annual peer-review survey. For the new U.S. edition, leading attorneys across the country cast more than 3.1 million votes on the legal abilities of other lawyers in the same and related specialties.

Jackson Walker ranked number one in Texas for the following areas of law by virtue of having more listed lawyers in these areas than any other firm:

Entertainment Law
First Amendment Law
Land Use & Zoning Law
Media Law
Railroad Law
Sports Law
Transportation Law

JW also ranked highest in the city of San Angelo and in the following areas of law for various cities:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (San Angelo)
Commercial Litigation (San Angelo)
Construction Law (Austin)
Derivatives Law (Fort Worth)
Energy Law (Fort Worth)
Entertainment Law (Austin)
First Amendment Law (Dallas; Houston)
Labor and Employment Law (Fort Worth)
Land Use & Zoning Law (Dallas)
Media Law (Austin)
Railroad Law (Fort Worth; San Antonio)
Sports Law (Dallas)
Transportation Law (Dallas)

JW congratulates its listed Best Lawyers in America:


  • Jim Alsup (Real Estate Law)
  • Ann Benolken (Corporate Law)
  • Chuck Campbell (Employee Benefits Law)
  • Wade Cooper (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law)
  • Leonard Dougal (Environmental Law; Water Law)
  • Sam Hildebrand (Trusts and Estates)
  • Steve Martens (Real Estate Law)
  • Mike Nasi (Environmental Law)
  • Robert Neblett (Commercial Litigation; Construction Law)
  • James Pledger (Banking Law)
  • Thomas Rogers (Bet-the-Company Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Insurance Law)
  • Ed Small (Energy Law; Environmental Law; Government Relations Law)
  • Tim Taylor (Real Estate Law)
  • Larry Waks (Entertainment Law; Media Law)


  • Bryan Birkeland (Real Estate Law)
  • Michael Byrd (Commercial Litigation)
  • Bob Cohan (Antitrust Law; Commercial Litigation)
  • Pat Cowlishaw (Environmental Law)
  • Bill Dahlstrom (Land Use & Zoning Law; Real Estate Law)
  • Brian Dethrow (Tax Law)
  • Byron Egan (Corporate Governance and Compliance Law; Corporate Law; Mergers & Acquisitions Law)
  • Gary Fowler (Labor and Employment Law)
  • Jim Griffin (Employee Benefits Law)
  • Mike Haggerty (Real Estate Law)
  • John Holden (Energy Law; Oil and Gas Law)
  • Willie Hornberger (Tax Law)
  • Mark Josephs (Bet-the-Company Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Legal Malpractice Law)
  • Bob Latham (First Amendment Law; Intellectual Property Law; Sports Law)
  • Kathleen LaValle (Commercial Litigation)
  • Frank McEachern (Energy Law)
  • Scott McElhaney (Commercial Litigation; Labor and Employment Law)
  • Susan Mead (Land Use & Zoning Law; Real Estate Law)
  • Bob Ruckman (Personal Injury Litigation; Transportation Law)
  • Jim Ryan (Corporate Law; Mergers & Acquisitions Law)
  • Gordon Shapiro (Commercial Litigation)
  • Paul Watler (Bet-the-Company Litigation; Commercial Litigation; First Amendment Law)

Fort Worth

  • Albon Head (Bet-the-Company Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Railroad Law)
  • Gary Ingram (Labor and Employment Law)
  • Jay Rutherford (Labor and Employment Law)
  • Paul Vrana (Derivatives Law; Energy Law; Natural Resources Law)


  • Chip Babcock (Bet-the-Company Litigation; Commercial Litigation; First Amendment Law)
  • Barron Bogatto (Health Care Law)
  • Glen Boudreaux (Commercial Litigation)
  • David Dunlap (Natural Resources Law; Oil & Gas Law)
  • Craig Enochs (Derivatives Law)
  • Richard Griffin (Commercial Litigation)
  • Nancy Hamilton (First Amendment Law)
  • Michael Kuhn (Real Estate Law)
  • Scott McLaughlin (Labor and Employment Law)
  • Kurt Nondorf (Real Estate Law)
  • Mike Pearson (Natural Resources Law; Oil & Gas Law)
  • James Prappas (Immigration Law)
  • Bruce Ruzinsky (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law)
  • Rick Sindelar (Immigration Law)

San Angelo

  • Don Griffis (Alternative Dispute Resolution; Commercial Litigation)

San Antonio

  • Steve Jacobs (Corporate Law)
  • Jed Morrison (Health Care Law)
  • Scott Rose (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law)
  • Patrick Tobin (Corporate Law)
  • Rocky Walker (Railroad Law)

In This Story

Jim Alsup
Partner, Austin

Charles L. Babcock
Partner, Houston

Bryan C. Birkeland
Partner, Dallas

Barron P. Bogatto
Partner, Houston

Chuck Campbell
Partner, Austin

Robert M. Cohan
Retired Partner, Dallas

C. Wade Cooper
Partner, Austin

Patrick R. Cowlishaw
Partner, Dallas

William S. Dahlstrom
Partner, Dallas

Brian Dethrow
Partner, Dallas

Leonard H. Dougal
Partner, Austin

David G. Dunlap
Partner, Houston

Byron F. Egan
Partner, Dallas

Richard E. Griffin
Partner, Houston

Nancy W. Hamilton
Partner, Houston

Albon O. Head, Jr.
Partner, Fort Worth

Sam K. Hildebrand
Partner, Austin

John B. Holden, Jr.
Partner, Dallas

William H. Hornberger
Partner, Dallas

Gary L. Ingram
Partner, Fort Worth

Steven R. Jacobs
Partner, San Antonio

Mark T. Josephs
Partner, Dallas

Michael K. Kuhn
Partner, Houston

Robert P. Latham
Partner, Dallas

Steven R. Martens
Partner, Austin

Frank P. McEachern
Partner, Dallas

Scott M. McElhaney
Partner, Dallas

Edgar C. Morrison, Jr.
Partner, San Antonio

Michael J. Nasi
Partner, Austin

Robert B. Neblett
Partner, Austin

Kurt D. Nondorf
Partner, Houston

Michael P. Pearson
Partner, Houston

James L. Pledger
Partner, Austin

J. Scott Rose
Partner, San Antonio

Robert F. Ruckman
Partner, Dallas

Jay K. Rutherford
Partner, Fort Worth

Bruce J. Ruzinsky
Partner, Houston

James S. Ryan, III
Partner, Dallas

Gordon M. Shapiro
Partner, Dallas

Edward C. Small
Retired Partner, Austin

Timothy C. Taylor
Partner, Austin

Patrick B. Tobin
Partner, San Antonio

Paul C. Watler
Partner, Dallas